Tuesday, December 31, 2013

365 Red Circles - Done

365 Red Circles, my daily stitching project for the calendar year is now all stitched and sewn together. The backing and quilting will come a bit later.

#362 - #365

365 Red Circles

I think when I started this I was hoping my infatuation with circles would diminish some, it didn't work, I still love circles. Although the next one will not be circles(more on that next post).

Although doing daily stitching has become a very integral part of my life now, I still know that for me to be able to do it regularly requires some planning and organization in the beginning.  The fabric is cut out and ready, the flannel I use on the back of each piece is also cut and ready. Threads are ready with an appropriate size needle with each one. Then everything is stored together in one plastic container. This is what the container looked like this morning when I finished.

I had a few leftover parts. On the right in the middle is a container holding all the thread ends, saved for yet another project. When I travel everything I need goes into a zip lock bag.

Indigo and Rust #289 - # 293

The Indigo and Rust container

This is what was left in my weekly stitching container

This is the container for the 2014 daily stitching

So far very neat and organized.

I've been appliquéing the vintage blocks and they are going much faster than I expected, there are nine done already.

I've also been knitting, I've finished two scarves.

Top one is mine, bottom one is for Don, and I have the first sock in my yearly pair almost done.

I've add a page of all the weekly stitching blocks, click the 2013 weekly stitching link on the top right side.

Now to get back in the studio and get next years projects ready to go.
Happy New Year!

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  1. What fabulous success for your daily stitching....and I love the new setting of the blocks.... Anxious to see what you do for 2014. Happy New Year!

  2. Very cool. thanks so much for showing us how you organise these.

  3. Wow! I am so impressed at how you kept up with this for a whole year and what a great idea. You not only get good practice stitching, you end up with a "stitch bible" that is a work of art. Nicely done!

  4. I love your assembled red circles and your organization is very impressive!