Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Postcards

I've been making Christmas Postcards for several years now and this week I got this years edition in the mail. I wanted the look of hand stitching without the time it takes to do hand stitching. I stitched a tree shape with black pearl cotton on white fabric, photocopied it and made a thermofax screen to print the cards with.

Above are some of the parts; the original stitching, the screen made from the stitching, Timtex, silk fabric that will be fused to the Timtex and brown shapes cut out for the tree trunk. 

The fabric fused to the Timtex and the tree trunks fused down.

Lined up ready for the screen printing.

The printed tree.

Sixteen red french knots on each one, this took some time!

A star drawn on with a metallic pen.

The backing has been fused on and each one is being getting a satin stitch edge.

Waiting in a pile to be addressed and sent on their  way.
I forgot to take a finished photo, but I still have a couple so I may remember for next time.

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  1. Your weekly stitching #50 looks like a finished quilt. It's beautiful.

  2. Love the Christmas postcard! I'm sure the recipients look forward them each year.

  3. I love, love the whole card. The French knots are sooo lovely and the curved green stitches among the rest just make me happy. I love getting my card!

  4. The cards are so graphically interesting, but seeing the line of them being made was fun!
    leeanna Paylor

  5. Mass production, Wow! what an effort you went thru to make something special for friends and family. I hope they enjoy the work you went to.