Monday, December 26, 2016

Weekly Leaf, Year #3 Done and changes on the way

The last of my Weekly Leaves is done, attached to the others and waiting for me to fuse the whole thing to another piece of felt.

I'm taking a break from leaves, after three years I still love leaves but I need to move on and do something new. You can see all the leaves form this and previous years by using the tabs up in the header.

The Weekly Leaf

I used another one of my new stencils, the large one in the picture below.

Week #52

I need to shake things up and get the feeling of uncertainty back. I know that I still want to do a weekly project, I'd really miss having something by my chair in the evenings to stitch. I do have a couple of knitting projects and a stack of books but I need stitching also. Normally by this date I have the next years project ready to go, fabrics ready, colors decided upon, anxious for the start. Not this year!

I do have a half baked plan in my head, but nothing ready to go. Over twenty years ago I was introduced to the book Signs Of Life:The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them, by Angeles Arrien. What captivated me then and still does is what she calls the preferential shapes test. The five universal shapes are the circle, square, triangle, equidistant cross and the spiral. Over the past twenty plus years my preference for the shapes has changed, this year more dramatically than before. There is a meaning in the order that you prefer the shapes, it's all covered in the book and too complex for me to explain.

My plan? do something weekly with each of these shapes, starting with the square. I will probably keep the size around six inches square, but will probably not sew them all together like I have with my past four years worth of weeklies. I just don't know what I'll do, but I'll jump in and start to see what happens.

Daily Stitching updates, there will be changes coming here also, I'll fill you in next week.

Gelli Prints #355-361, only 5 to go.

Shades of orange #282-288

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Cutting a failure up

Recently I came across a piece of fabric that I had mono printed in 2010, it had some serious technical problems and had been put aside. I brought it in from Studio B thinking I could use it for a backing on a quilt. While perusing black and white art on pinterest an idea flashed through my mind that said,"cut it up!" So I did.

Actually it looks a bit different now than the after picture because it is sewn together and waiting to be quilted, when I decide how I want to quilt it.

Got some new yarn recently, more of my cyber Monday shopping. A new cowl and a sweater are in my future.

The Weekly Leaf
I used another of the new stencils, one that also comes with the mask part.

With some paintstiks brushed on.

Week #51

Daily Stitching updates

Gelli prints #348-354

Shades of orange #275-281

Later this week I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Postcards

It's Christmas Postcard time again! This year I started with a vague idea of a simple tree sketch and after doing about a dozen found one I was happy with.
A thermofax screen was made and I headed out to Studio B to do some printing. My fabric this year is a piece of solid lime green decorator fabric from my stash. Misty fuse was applied to the back before cutting it into 4"x6" pieces.

Next step was to make a triangle shaped stencil out of a 4x6 index card and brush a light layer of green to each of the fabric pieces.

Then came the print with the thermofax screen.

Once they were all printed it was back inside to StudioA to add a scattering of french knots to each tree.

Next up was fusing the fabric to timtex.

Muslin was cut and fused to the back of each. Then on to the sewing machine to finish the edges.

Final step before addressing and mailing was to glue a star on the top of each tree.

Yesterday I quilted my indigo piece, all thats left to do is the sleeve, label and decent photography.

Pale Moon Rising

The Weekly Leaf
I used one of my new stencils that arrived last week, this one from Stencil Girl.

Week #50

Daily Stitching updates

Gelli prints #341-347

Shades of Orange #268-274

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"