Monday, May 30, 2016

A couple more indigo pieces

I did play in the indigo pot again and I'm loving what I did. The piece below is cotton duck, about 22"x 70" I fell in love with it while it was hanging wet on the line.

After it dried I was a bit disappointed that it was paler, but I'm still happy with it. Now what to do with it? 

I'm also quite happy with the circles hanging below it.

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used a leaf that had fallen off of one of my houseplants and the gelli plate.

Week #22

Daily Stitching updates

Gelli prints #145-#151

Shades of Orange #72-#78

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Indigo play day

Six of us had a wonderful time on Saturday playing in an indigo pot. The original plan had been to work outside, but the weather didn't cooperate, so we played inside the newly cleaned studio.
Kathleen and Diane

Barbara, Lisa and Kathleen

Barbara and Trische 

Indigo blowing in the wind

The few pieces that I did

On our play days we always do potluck for lunch, and oh my, we do eat well. Two different salads, an asparagus tart, chili, deviled eggs, pumpkin bread and for dessert lemon cake and waffle brownies.

The pot is still good, so I can go play some more this week. We used the pre reduced indigo from Jacquard. Very easy to use.

The Weekly Leaf

I did a solar fast print in burnt orange on tan hand dyed fabric.
In the sun

Week #21

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Gelli Prints #138-#144

Shades of Orange #65-#71

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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Clean Enough Studio

The studio cleanup is done for now, there are still a few things that need to be gone through and sorted, but for now there is space to work.

The counter is visible and below is the wax table and the big board behind it, ready to use.

Directly below is the corner where all the old buckets of paint had been stored , for years. Now it holds the boxes I need for shipping.

The sink is visible again.
One end of the ten foot table has a new cover, the old one is hanging on the design wall so I can decide if it's done yet.

This space will never be pretty, but it's functional and feels good to work in. I've even spent some time sitting in that chair above pondering what to do next.

The Weekly Leaf
This week I started with a leaf that I found on the sidewalk while taking my morning walk. I rolled green paint onto my gelli plate placed the leaf (it had been pressed for a while) onto the plate. Did one print with a scrap of cloth and then took the leaf off and did my second print, which looks like a tree.


Daily Stitching updates

Gelli prints #131-#137

Shades of Orange #58-#64

This has been a very frustrating post to write, blogger won't let me add pictures like I normally do. Instead of being able to use the little photo icon that lets me load all of them at once, I had to drag and drop each one in individually. Not fun!

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Monday, May 9, 2016

AQM and cleanup progress

My quilt "White on Black #3" is in Oberlin, OH at the Artist as Quiltmaker show. The show opens on May 15 so if you are in the Ohio area stop in and take a look.

Here's a link for more information;

Studio B cleanup is progressing, the floor in the back is now visible and I can get to the big white board. The best part is that my sweet husband borrowed a pickup and took away the six 5 gallon cans of paint and the dozen smaller cans of paint that were in the space when we bought it 11 years ago. I'm not done and the room looked worse for a while.

This is not how to store quilts!

Look, a floor!

I now need to take a trip to the dollar store and pickup some more pool noodles and make covers and bags for a few of the quilts. The back part is clean, now I need to move forward and work on the front. I promise more progress next week.

The Weekly Leaf

I did no printing at all this week, the table was covered with stuff. Instead I traced a leaf onto freezer paper, ironed the freezer paper to my hand dyed fabric and stitched around the leaf.

Week #19

Daily stitching updates

Gelli Prints #124-#130

Shades of Orange #51-#57

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