Monday, May 2, 2016

Time to clean the studio

Red X
44" x 64"
The piece above hangs in my dining/living room, it is one of my favorites. I've been pondering doing something with big swooping brush marks again but haven't primarily because of space. Now I'm the very fortunate person that has two studios, so I do have the space. Work like this takes place in Studio B, my wet studio, unfortunately I've not kept it organized and cleaned. I have been doing small stuff like my leaves and gelli prints, but something large and messy is going to require some work to get the space ready. So today I'm posting a few pictures here to make this very public so that I can show some improvement in the next few weeks.
 The view from the door.
 To the right of the door
The soy wax and encaustic table.
In the back you can see a big white piece, that is a 4 x8 piece of foam insulation that I pin my fabric to when I do the type of painting I want to do. Right now I can't get to it, there is a whole lot of stuff piled in front of it.
To add to the urgency of cleaning this up, I've scheduled an indigo play day for the 21st of this month.

There is a small group of us that get together usually once a week, but not always. For the past three weeks we've been meeting here in Studio A because I have two sewing machines set up, two ironing stations and space for everyone. We pieced a quilt that will be used by a local organization for a fund raiser. It got finished last week and has now gone to the long arm quilter.

The Weekly Leaf

I got out an old silk screen this week and did a quick screen print on hand dyed fabric.
The screen and the print.

Week #18

Daily stitching updates

Gelli prints #117-#123

Shades of Orange #44-#50

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  1. Such great studio space! I'm looking forward to your reports on the cleaning!

  2. WOW!!! What awesome studio space you have…..thanks for sharing!

  3. Love seeing people creative spaces. Thank you!
    Inspirational stitching as well!

  4. I'm trying not to be envious of your TWO studios. What great spaces to create!

  5. My, it's "just" a nine-patch, but you and your friends have elevated it into an interesting and artfully rendered beauty. It's good to remember these simple old blocks can be the basis of something extraordinary.

    1. Thanks, we had fun doing it also, which makes it even better.