Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Friends, exercise and stitching

On Sunday I drove over to Eagle, ID to meet up with friends that I haven't seen for several months and it was wonderful. We met at Kathleen's new house/studio, got the tour, met someone new, shared our art work and ate. Pat Budge joined us for the first time and I do hope she joins us again  in the future. Our potluck lunches are the best! Everyone just brings something and we end up with an interesting variety of delicious food. The big hit this time was lime cookies that Lisa brought.

On Monday I spent the day in Caldwell, ID at an exercise training class. We have a free program for seniors here in Idaho called Fit and Fall Proof, I have been participating off and on for a little over a year. I'm now one of the leaders of our group here in Weiser. There are five of us that take turns leading the hour long class. The class attendance ranges from about twenty to over forty participants with an age range from early sixties to mid nineties, with a large range of physical abilities. I know I always feel better when I'm physically active so I figured this was the ideal way to keep me motivated and going.

The Weekly Leaf

I used a Solarfast for this weeks leaf, Burnt orange Solarfast on hand dyed yellow cotton with a couple of geranium leaves.

Week #17

Daily Stitching updates
Gelli prints #110-#116

Shades of orange #37-#43

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  1. Beautiful! Do you stitch through top, batting and backing all at once too?

  2. Your leaves are perfection, as always. I also loved last week's speckled one.
    I see you still have snow. Thank goodness it's warming up here.

  3. Love your solar fast leaves! Wonderful!