Thursday, May 28, 2015

SAQA auction video

Gardening, mainly pulling weeds, has been my main focus this week. But, I do have a quick video to share. There has been a process video made of my 12 x 12 donation quilt for SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Association).

The Weekly Leaf
This week I used one of the leaves that had been pressed last fall and TAP(artist transfer paper). The leaf was photocopied onto the TAP, cut out, ironed onto my fabric, and then the paper is peeled off.

Week #21

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #142-#148

Sari Ribbon #70-#76

The first four weeks have been sewn together.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Road Trip

We've spent the last nine days on a road trip.

Our oldest daughter was turning 50 (how is that possible?) and her husband was doing a surprise birthday gathering. So off we went. We did several stops at National Parks and Monuments including Zion National Park and Glen Canyon Dam. Had a great time in Phoenix with the birthday girl and her family, then a quick stop in Reno for another family visit before arriving back in Idaho.

During the trip I was able to wear a shoe most of the time instead of a boot or orthopedic sandal, the toes are making progress but aren't completely healed yet. Today for the first time in 10 weeks I walked the dog, a slow short walk but he was happy anyway.

I kept up with all my daily and weekly stitching while we were gone. I have each project in a ziplock bag and all the bags in a plastic case.

The Weekly Leaf

I used a stencil and paintstiks on hand  dyed fabric this week.

The stencil is from istencils. I love the shape of the leaves but the small ones are to small.

So I carefully taped them off.

Week #20

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #132-#141

Sari Ribbon #60-#69

Monday, May 11, 2015

White on Black #3

A few months ago I finished one of my large circle quilts, I showed the painting in progress here. I finally got it photographed.

White on Black #3
78" x 78"
cotton, silk and velvet, collaged
machine quilted
photo by Jake Soper

The Weekly Leaf
This weeks leaf was done with Jacquards SolarFast. Jacquard also has a negative generator  which turns a photo into a negative. I started with this photo.

With the help of the negative generator I turned it into this.

Painted the SolarFast onto my fabric, pinned the negative over it and set it in the sun for about twelve minutes, which gave me this.

Week #19

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #126-#131

Sari Ribbon #54-#59

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SAQA Conference

I arrived home about 3 pm yesterday after spending an absolutely wonderful time at the SAQA conference. I was exhausted. Now after sleeping for ten hours straight I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself. As an introvert that lives a very quiet life, meeting and talking to lots of new friends wore me out. I took very few pictures, as usual none of people, but I met several internet friends for the very first time. The energy at the conference was so positive, and all the little experiences were just wonderful.

These are the few pictures I did take:

I did a "rest"stop in Pendleton at the woolen mills on my way to the conference.

The desert table at dinner.

The hallway carpet, love those Ginko leaves.

 The lighting fixtures in the bar area, soft floaty fabric over a rigid shade.

I brought my daily and weekly stitching in ziplock bags so I could keep up. I also got so many positive comments it made me realize that maybe I've found my artistic voice and it wasn't where I was looking for it.

The Weekly Leaf
The leaf I stitched this week was completed before I left for the conference, so I started next weeks while I was there.
This weeks leaf is a blueprint on gold fabric, if the leaf looks familiar it's because it was one that I used last year as a gelli print.

The Weekly Leaf #18,yr2

Daily Stitching updates
Silk Fragments #118-#125

Sari Ribbon #46-#53

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