Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SAQA Conference

I arrived home about 3 pm yesterday after spending an absolutely wonderful time at the SAQA conference. I was exhausted. Now after sleeping for ten hours straight I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself. As an introvert that lives a very quiet life, meeting and talking to lots of new friends wore me out. I took very few pictures, as usual none of people, but I met several internet friends for the very first time. The energy at the conference was so positive, and all the little experiences were just wonderful.

These are the few pictures I did take:

I did a "rest"stop in Pendleton at the woolen mills on my way to the conference.

The desert table at dinner.

The hallway carpet, love those Ginko leaves.

 The lighting fixtures in the bar area, soft floaty fabric over a rigid shade.

I brought my daily and weekly stitching in ziplock bags so I could keep up. I also got so many positive comments it made me realize that maybe I've found my artistic voice and it wasn't where I was looking for it.

The Weekly Leaf
The leaf I stitched this week was completed before I left for the conference, so I started next weeks while I was there.
This weeks leaf is a blueprint on gold fabric, if the leaf looks familiar it's because it was one that I used last year as a gelli print.

The Weekly Leaf #18,yr2

Daily Stitching updates
Silk Fragments #118-#125

Sari Ribbon #46-#53

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  1. Awesome rest stop at the woolen mills!
    The conference was fabulous and I'm so glad you, Lisa and I all got to go. It will take some time to soak it all in.

  2. Linda it was wonderful to see you again and also to see your work in person. I love what you do-it's beautiful, organic, unique-seems like you've found your voice indeed. I enjoyed your photos-things I also appreciated but did not take photos of like those beautiful soft lighting fixtures and the carpet.

  3. Linda, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and seeing your fabulous hand stitching projects. I'm still in awe of all that you do. I took very few pictures, too, but I did get the Ginkgo carpet.