Wednesday, May 28, 2014

T-shirt quilt is done

I've finished the t-shirt/cheerleading quilt for my grand daughters graduation gift, more than 2 weeks early! It's about 60" x 72", not huge, but big enough to cover her.

 Then out of leftover fabric I had dyed, I made a quilt to donate to the children's cancer center.

The weekly leaf.
 This week I used a couple of weed leaves, fabric paint and my gelli plate.

Week #21
After lots of stitching

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

SAQA Auction quilt

I made the deadline for the SAQA Auction piece, it's in the mail. Finished it up this morning.

2014 SAQA Auction quilt

We've been doing some digging in our yard lately and finding treasures. I'm always amazed at how many odd little things we find. These are this weeks finds.

I'm getting quite the collection of marbles.

 The rusted scissors were dug up last year.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Puzzling email and comment rejections

I've discovered that when I comment on  another blog, or even reply to a comment on my own blog in the comment section, that the comments are being rejected. In my spam box are several mail delivery failure notices, all are blog comments.  So far my research tells me that as long as I'm using a mail address I will have this problem because of a new policy they have implemented. Very frustrating!! I use the yahoo address for my blog because my other email address is from a very small local company that frequently ends up in other peoples spam boxes. So if I normally comment on your blog - I'm not ignoring you.

This past week I finally started on my SAQA auction donation piece for this year, that's due June 1. Normally I get it in very early, but June snuck up on me this year. Here's a sneak peak.

I also started quilting the t shirt/cheerleading quilt. Here it is under the machine.

The Weekly Leaf.

This weeks leaf was stenciled with paintstiks.
 Week #20

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I've also gotten my garden planted and a few plants have already died, so I hope the rest survive. The quick hailstorm yesterday didn't do them any good.

Monday, May 12, 2014


I spent very little studio time this past week so all I have to share is my daily and weekly projects. I did get some exciting news, I'm going to have a show with another quilt artist in Corvallis, OR in September 2015. I don't have details yet but will share them when I do. The work that I entered is my series of black and white circles.

The Weekly Leaf

This weeks leaf was printed with jacquard textile paint and a thermofax screen. The design is one of my notan expanded square paper cuts, only I used a rectangle.

Week #19

I filled in all the dark parts with rows of stem stitch, it took forever! Almost looks like it was done on an embroidery machine, not a look I'm fond of.

Daily stitching

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Lost week

Early last week I had a really great visit with my cousin, hard to believe it had been so long since we had seen each other. Then the rest of my week seemed to just disappear, how does that happen? I did spend a lot of time pulling weeds and the yard is starting to look better. The raised beds are ready for plants, I just need to put them in.

The t-shirt/cheerleading quilt is progressing, it's now in three long strips plus narrow boarders for the top and bottom.

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used Jacquards discharge paste on a hand dyed fabric. Here I've just finished sponging it through a stencil.

Then after the paste dried it was steamed with an iron to remove the color.

Then the stitching began.
Week #18

This was the second piece I discharged, the first one didn't work quite as well, some of the paste got under the stencil. It is now on the back.

Here's the first 18 weeks

Daily stitching projects.

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