Monday, May 19, 2014

Puzzling email and comment rejections

I've discovered that when I comment on  another blog, or even reply to a comment on my own blog in the comment section, that the comments are being rejected. In my spam box are several mail delivery failure notices, all are blog comments.  So far my research tells me that as long as I'm using a mail address I will have this problem because of a new policy they have implemented. Very frustrating!! I use the yahoo address for my blog because my other email address is from a very small local company that frequently ends up in other peoples spam boxes. So if I normally comment on your blog - I'm not ignoring you.

This past week I finally started on my SAQA auction donation piece for this year, that's due June 1. Normally I get it in very early, but June snuck up on me this year. Here's a sneak peak.

I also started quilting the t shirt/cheerleading quilt. Here it is under the machine.

The Weekly Leaf.

This weeks leaf was stenciled with paintstiks.
 Week #20

Daily Stitching updates.

Line Dance #134 - #139

The Daily Paper #62 - #67

I've also gotten my garden planted and a few plants have already died, so I hope the rest survive. The quick hailstorm yesterday didn't do them any good.

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  1. Is that sneak peek at your SAQA quilt perhaps a leaf? I like what I see. That chain stitching is impressive.