Sunday, August 24, 2014

Girls trip to the lake

The blog has been very quiet because I've been on an annual trip with some friends. We stay in a small house on Diamond Lake in Northeastern Washington and get to see this view in the mornings.

Some of our evening skies were also pretty spectacular.

We took a few side trips, twice into Spokane, WA for lunch, a bit of retail therapy, and some sight seeing.  Some of it was just plain fun!

The four of us are up in the wagon, to get down you use the handle which is a slide.

Also spent a day in Sandpoint, ID and just took in the wonderful scenery.

I kept up with all my stitching during our down time hanging out at the lake.

The Weekly Leaf
Week #33 - I printed this square with paintstiks and a stencil.

Week #34
This one was done with Solar Fast on hand dyed green fabric. I used a piece of Honeysuckle vine as the resist.

Daily stitching

Line dance #225-#228

The Daily Paper #153-#156

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A rerun

This week is pretty much about the same as last week, but the bathroom is done!!! and I love it. On Friday we had a paintstik play day in Studio B, unfortunately I didn't get pictures, again. I did take some pictures of a thrift store find that Thea shared. A bag full of hand embroidered blocks from early in the 1900's. They came with the story that they were done by a teenager in a tuberculosis hospital.

There were a lot of them, all different, all snowflake patterns and Thea is trying to decide what to do with them.

The Weekly Leaf

This weeks leaf was done with textile paint on a gelli plate, covered with part of a large stencil.

Week #32

Daily Stitching updates

Line Dance #218-#224

The Daily Paper #146-#152

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time just slips by

I can always tell when I need to do a blog post because my little pile of daily stitching pieces become more than a few. My weekly and daily stitching is just about all I have to show for the past eight days, but I have been playing with some new designs so I'll show you some paper that's on my work table.

The Weekly Leaf

I used soy wax and cleanser with bleach to do this weeks leaf.
Soy wax stamped on hand dyed fabric with a tjap.

Cleanser with bleach brushed over the fabric.

Fabric is then rinsed well and soaked in Bleach stop.

Then rinsed and washed in very hot water to get the wax out.

Week #31

I ended up using the reverse side of the fabric.

Daily Stitching updates

Line dance #210-#217

The Daily Paper #138-#145

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