Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I have a notion

I've finished December's notion project, so now the only thing is to put them all together. This is December's piece.

All 12 of them together.

Each piece has been completely finished, but I plan on attaching them all together with another notion. It just requires me to sit down and sew them together like this;

I've also been working on my Christmas postcards and will do a post later in the week on how I did them this year. I had hoped to have them done by now but failed to realize how much time it takes to do 16 french knots per card.

Daily stitching update
365 Red Circles #337 - #344

Indigo and Rust #265 -#272

Weekly stitching #49

I am really enjoying doing these weekly squares and am brainstorming ideas for next year.  The six in size will probably remain the same, lots of hand stitching will be involved, but I'm thinking of different  backgrounds. Incorporating paper is on the top of the list, but I have a few weeks to figure it out.

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  1. Hi, Linda. I just LUV your notions project. You've got the perfect title to go with the piece. So cool, the cut up measuring tapes. I'm particularly liking the rust and indigo project and no.49 is perfect. Thanks for stopping by my blog and not giving up on me! I'm back for awhile...
    best, nadia

  2. Love the notions! I am beading onto size 00 poppers (snaps)...wishing I had chosen the larger ones. But I thought I might use them 'for real'. a bit fiddly - especially as I decided to cut my nails and can barely hold onto them. ;-)

  3. Your notions quilt is very cool and I like the way you are going to put them together. You are so clever!

  4. Your monthly notions pieces are so clever. Images of the collection would make a great calendar!

    16 French knots per card IS a lot. I'm sure each one is sewn with love.

  5. I am amazed by your output. So Lovely and inspiring.