Thursday, December 26, 2013

Weekly stitching

I finished the last of my weekly stitching pieces this morning, I love what I've done and will probably miss working on these pieces even though I have something new in the works for 2014.

Week #52

Each piece is 6" square and completely finished. My original plan had been to sew them together, but I'm leaning more toward keeping them as individual pieces. The photo below is my original plan, they are just stuck to my design wall now, but this was my vision of them sewn together.

2013 weekly stitching

You can now see all 52 blocks on a separate page, click the 2013 weekly stitching link on the upper right side.
Here's a bit more information;

-The fabric is vintage linen and cotton napkins that were divided into three piles and dyed either rose, teal or yellow. 
- Each dyed piece was then clamped with a pair of plexiglass shapes, either a circle ,square or triangle and then over dyed in one of the opposite  colors.
- Each one has a piece of flannel fused to the back, this gives the fabric a bit more stability when stitching and also gives the stitches a bit more dimension. I do not use a hoop when I stitch.
-The stitching is all done with pearl cotton thread, most of it  #5 weight. Some of the threads were dyed with the fabrics, others are commercial threads.
-I finished each piece by pillow casing a cotton fabric to the back. The fabric was ice dyed with the leftover dyes from doing the linens. This is a sample of the backs.

- Each back has the week it was done written on it.
- I only used seven simple stitches to do all 52 weeks. Frequently I would combine different stitches in a block, here's how often those stitches show up.
    - Straight stitch /running stitch, 32 weeks
    - French knots and variations , 33 weeks
    - Fly stitch and variations, 23 weeks
    - Blanket stitch and variations, 13 weeks
    - Chain / lazy daisy stitch, 11 weeks
    - Cross Stitch, 6 weeks
    - Couching, 5 weeks

Although I've used the same stitches over and over each individual piece is different. I think I could probably just keep going with this but I think it's time I do something new. I'm still working out the details but it will definitely be a bit different than this one.  

Daily Stitching updates

365 Red circles #357 - #360 - only 5 more to go!

Indigo and Rust #285 - #288, only 78 days till my birthday!



  1. The weekly stitching #52 is divine. Not only the stitching, but also the colors. The grand finale.

  2. your dedication to this project is amazing! congratulations on being almost done! I'm sure it's the same feeling I got when doing the last of the Dear Jane blocks. Total satisfaction!

  3. The blocks have been beautiful along the way, and the concept very stimulating. The way you have organized them into the kimono is stunning! What a lovely project this has been. How will you exhibit it? I assume it will not be quilted further since there is so much texture already. Give us a hint?
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. That's my dilemma, how to exhibit it if the blocks are not sewn together? When I figure it out I'll let everyone know.

  4. Hi, Linda. As usual, weekly 52 is so beautiful. Thanks for the info on your organization and techniques. I really like the kimono shape. You could always attach them together in rows going down and then attach each row to a stick/dowel at the top, forming a strong vertical movement and yet the kimono effect...just an idea. You will know best. Happy New Year!
    best, nadia

  5. This is all gorgeous. I like the kimono arrangement.

  6. Each of your weekly stitching has been fabulous and I especially like this #52.You are an inspiration! I also like the kimono shape for displaying them.
    Yippee for me, I get to hang your calendar this week.
    Happy New Year!

  7. #52 is wonderful. I would love to see these pieces in real life and be able to spend a while looking at each square. Beautiful!

  8. Lovely work Linda. Is there an easy way to look back to see the last 51?

    Thank you.