Monday, January 6, 2014

New daily stitching

A new year calls for a new daily stitching project and this year it will be "Line Dance". I have a large selection of vintage silk drapery samples that were given to me at least fifteen years ago. I have used some of them over the years but there are still quite a few left, even after cutting out enough squares to get me through the next year. Each piece was labeled and had a stock number printed on one edge.

The labels came off first and everything was tossed into the washer and drier before cutting. Then I cut lots of four inch squares and put them in their container for the year.

I've already edited my thread selection down to one ball.

It's from Valdani and is a hand dyed #12 weight pearl cotton. I will need at least one more ball before the year is through.

This year I'm going to be stitching a line on each block that will connect to it's neighboring block.  I'm not planning anything out, I just want to see what happens. Here are the first six.

Line Dance #1 - #6

This is how they look sewn together.

Indigo and Rust #294 - # 299

Next post I will be about my new weekly project.


  1. Very, very cool are an inspiration!

  2. I love the new silk project. Are you backing the silk with anything to keep it from unravelling? As much as I like to work with Dupioni silk, I find threads all over the house.

  3. This will be a fun project to watch!

  4. i caught onto the daily stitching idea when i saw you on Quilting i've started mine for 2014. thanks for the idea.

  5. I love following your daily stitching. This year's looks really interesting.