Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project updates

I'm starting to settle into the routine of my new daily and weekly projects and I'm now getting everything together for my new monthly project. I'm still trying to figure out a few details of the monthly one but hopefully by my next post I'll have it started and will talk about it then.

I was feeling a bit of panic with my "Weekly Leaf" because I didn't have the whole thing figured out and ready to go, but I spent some time this weekend in Studio B going thru the screens and stamps I already have with leaf images. I played a bit and now have some starting points for some stitching.
Week #2 was done with some fabric I had printed last fall with a gelli plate and some leaves. In the past I've made my own gelatin printing plate, I even have the institutional size container of gelatin. Having a gelli plate makes gelatin printing much more spontaneous. I used the second print or ghost print, this is what the first print looked like.

 The leaf is the resist in this print. The leaf is removed from the plate for the second print and most of the background ink is gone. Here's the second one with stitches, I forgot to take a picture before.
Weekly Leaf #2
stitching detail week #2

Line Dance #9 - #14

Indigo and Rust #303 - #307

I've also been quilting the stenciled leaf quilt and only have five more blocks  of the vintage quilt to 

Outside of the studio I've started something totally different, I'm taking classes to get my Idaho Master Gardeners certification. My second class is tomorrow afternoon, so I should get some reading done tonight.

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  1. Your leaf print is wonderful! Love those French knots!

  2. I love the french knots too, especially the pink among the whites. Leaves and gardening, a coincidence? This is going to be your green year! That class sounds fab.

    1. I've been thinking of the coincidence also, funny how life does things like that.

  3. you have such a sense of what stitch to use and how much to include. Love the fine detail.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Leaf 2 is to die for--love those french knots, Linda. And you're going to be a Master Gardener, as well? Pity we don't live closer. I spent the afternoon in my garden. I had to water (unusual for January)--I think we may be in a drought. I will stitch through it!
    best, nadia