Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Weekly Project

This year for my weekly project, notice I said project not stitching, I'm doing the Weekly Leaf. My intent is to use some of the skills, knowledge and stuff that I have. Surface design was basically my life from the early 90's until about four years ago, I sold my dyed and printed fabrics and taught a wide variety of surface design classes. I have a wealth of  knowledge about many surface design techniques and all the tools and materials needed to implement them. I rarely do any of them anymore. I also have stuff that I've collected to use in my artwork, again something I rarely use. So the plan with the Weekly Leaf is to use some of that knowledge, equipment and stuff that I've accumulated. So far I'm struggling. I just want to stitch. I gave in and for week #1 that's what I did.

The Weekly Leaf #1

I drew the leaf on hand dyed fabric, stitched with pearl cotton in stem stitch and used floss for the straight stitches surrounding it. The right side of the leaf is shaded a bit with a pastel pencil.

I'm sticking to the 6" size and that may be part of my problem. Most of the screens, stencils and stamps I've created are a bit large for a six inch block. I do know how to create more and I could make them smaller. There will also be lots of hand stitching.

I've created a list that has over thirty different ways of me to create an image, so I would really like to use a few of them. Next week I'm stitching on a leaf done with a gelli print.

Daily stitching updates

Line Dance #7 -#9

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  1. Your indigo and rust stitches are very lively.

  2. I think your leaf project is a great idea and you are off to a good start with leaf #1. Can't wait to see what else you do.

  3. I love the weekly leaf idea. Last year I was going to do a leaf a day but that just didn't happen. I wonder if I can do a leaf a week. I don't have as many surface design methods as you do but I can FMQ a mean leaf. Hmmmmmmm. Thank you for this idea

    1. You are welcome! FMQ is on my list. I think the hard part is getting started and having everything together and ready to go.

  4. I understand your desire for growth and novelty, but when you fill an area with such exciting stitch imho, you should keep doing it for the rest of us to see!! Tell you what, do your surface design, then "frost" it with stitching for me!!
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. Okay, I'm working on week #2 and it has frosting.