Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ode to "splat"

Somewhere around five years ago I found a calculator in Staples called "splat". This has been my favorite calculator ever since and to my dismay the battery died several weeks ago. I searched every store in town, even went back to Staples trying to find a battery - no one carried the right one. I got on line and found the correct battery at My battery arrived earlier this week, I quickly got it in place and gave "splat" a try and it didn't work. I'd hit clear and 8 would pop up, the second digit was missing parts and I was dismayed. So I decided to do a piece dedicated to "splat", since I had dyes mixed up and was doing some printing anyway, it was pretty easy. Easy because when I first got "splat" I was so enamored of it's shape that I made five thermofax screens and carved a stamp all in that shape. Different sizes, some just outlines and a few a bit more solid. So here is the finished fabric,about 36"x 44"and it is currently layered and ready to quilt.
This close up shows prints from all five of the screens, I didn't use the stamp.
Here is "splat" and all it's offspring.
Today as I got ready to take the picture of "splat" I tried using it just one more time - and it worked!!!!!! YEAH!!!!


  1. Fun post! Poor little Splat, hope he's okay!

    1. Thanks - splat is doing fine, it's sitting on my desk ready to calculate.