Monday, June 4, 2012

Morel mushrooms - as art supplies!

Our friend Bill spent a day hunting for and picking morel mushrooms. He generously shared some of his bounty. As I sliced them up I sacrificed a few of the slices to print with and put them on a paper towel to dry. The rest were sauteed with butter and lots of garlic and were delicious. After dinner I took the four slices I had saved out to Studio B and applied black paint to them so I could use them as a stamp. I stamped both on paper and fabric. This is how they looked when I finished with them. The prints on fabric were cut up into 4" squares to use in my daily stitching pieces. The ones on paper were photocopied and then I selected a few of my favorites and enlarged them to several different sizes. Next step will be to go thru the enlargements to pick the ones that I will use to make some thermofax screens. Then I'll be able to print with morels without actually having any on hand, and when I do have some I won't have to sacrifice any for art. I've been quilting "Ode to splat", doing out line quilting that keeps morphing into a different shape - which I'm really liking. Here are #81 thru #83 of my daily stitching, note the morel print in the center of #82.


  1. I can see why you would love Splat, just for looks alone, but I really love what you've done with the design. I, too, like the way the quilting is morphing into different shapes.

    Isn't it wonderful how we keep seeing design in the most mundane things, like the morels? Can't wait to see where this will lead.

  2. Clever idea with the morrels! I am loving "Ode to Splat"-echo quilting is the perfect compliment to Mr. Splat!

  3. The mushrooms are so cool!!!

  4. I see what you mean about the quilting on Splat. It's really fun how it's morphing into its own shape.

    The Morels make great eye candy. A great idea!