Friday, June 15, 2012

Deconstructing splat

When I do deconstructive printing I like to make a mask for my screen so that I don't get a rectangular shape. Since splat is my new favorite I've made a splat shaped mask for my screen. Then the mask is taped to a screen. You can see it above with the dried dark blue thickened dye that I squiggled onto the screen with a syringe. I then mixed up some thickened golden yellow dye and used it to print with. On the right is the first print and on the left is one of the last prints. In the first print the blue dye hasn't gotten completely wet yet and is creating a resist. After several prints have been made the blue dye has been breaking down and no longer resisting the yellow dye. The spots that are left are where the dye dripped thru the screen while it was drying, it's thicker and takes longer to disintegrate. This is one of the prints made about halfway thru the process. This is how I've left the fabric for today. I added some smaller thermofax prints of splat. This is how the screen looked when I finished for today, I'm leaving it this way and may use it again when I come back to do more work on the piece. #89 - #94 of the daily stitching project.


  1. Your mask for spat is genius! I love this shape and I'm happy to see it again. I hope it stays in your spotlight for a while.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, Yeah I'm pretty much in love with splat.