Monday, March 2, 2015

Lining the squares up

I finished quilting the background for last years weekly leaves, trimmed it and the binding is on. Today I set about trying to line up all the squares onto the background. My table in StudioB is exactly 48" wide so I had a flat surface to work on. I got up on my step stool halfway thru to take this picture.

I marked the spacing on a 48" ruler to help me line them up, you can tell that the ones on the left are a bit off. Here it is from another angle.

They are all pinned in place, and I've moved them back into Studio A to hand sew them down.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the month of mono prints that I had done several years ago, and it got me thinking that I should do something like that again. I have an 8" round gelli plate and I do like working in black and white, so I am doing a print a day for this month. I've started out with black paint on white fabric, but I may do some white on black also. Here are the first two.

I have no plans yet for the group, but will probably cut them into quarters and see what happens.

The Weekly Leaf

We will be having a soy wax play day here on Friday, so to get warmed up this weeks leaf was done with soy wax. I have a large leaf shaped tjap that I used to stamp the melted wax onto a square of light green hand dyed fabric.

Then the fabric was over dyed with a darker green. The wax was then removed with very hot water.

Week #9,year 2
After lots of french knots (what was I thinking?).

Daily Stitching updates.

Silk Fragments #55-#61

The Daily Paper #348-#354

I haven't done my assignment for the sketching and watercolor class yet. This week we are doing a shoe. I went upstairs earlier this afternoon to get the shoe I was going to do and obviously got side tracked and did something else because I just now realize that I never brought the shoe downstairs and I never did the assignment.

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  1. Lots of great work here Linda. I especially love the batiked leaf with all all those French knots and seed stitches. Those are my two favorite stitches as well.

  2. Silk fragments and the french knots - beautiful work! I, too, have yet to do the shoe assignment. Want to try the tombow pen for a b/w sketch. Thank you for posting about the class - I have learned a ton o stuff already....:)

    1. Thanks, glad you are enjoying the class , I'm learning a lot also.

  3. Love those leaves all together. Are the squares raw edged or have you faced them? Your newest leaf with all the French knots is amazing!

  4. I really admire your leaf quilt, it's very beautiful! Looking forward to your black and white project.

  5. Seeing the leaves together makes me really appreciate all the variety in the natural colors you captured!

  6. Great stuff here! The Leaf Quilt is going to be a winner! And I always love prints and B&W!

  7. I love the black circles. What brand of fabric paint are you using?

    1. I use versatex printing ink, it's designed for fabric.