Monday, February 23, 2015

Quilting a background

Most of this past week has been spent quilting a 4' x6' whole cloth background for last years weekly leaves. I've only got a few more outline rows to go, then I'll block it, cut it to size, face it and then the real work of sewing each of the 52 squares on. This is how it looked yesterday.

Our assignment this week for sketching and watercolor was to do flowers. I had a pot with a few violas in it so they became my models.

The Weekly Leaf
My Valentine bouquet had some very sturdy ferns in it, the flowers didn't last very well but the ferns are doing great. I've got some being pressed and picked one that had a nice curve to it and did a gelli print. I forgot to take a picture until I'd cleaned everything up, but here's the results.

I've used the one on the right.

Weekly Leaf #8,year2

Daily stitching updates

Silk Fragments #49-#54

The Daily Paper #342-#347

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  1. dazzle me with your productivity.....and it's all done so expertly......

  2. What a great leaf! I love the subtle orange-reds and yellow-browns in your stitching!