Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Daily Paper Finished

My life slowed down drastically this week. I'm generally the high energy productive type, so I kept going even though I had a bad cold. Last tue. night I went to bed a bit feverish, then got chills which continued on into the night. I got up around 3am to go to the bathroom, felt dizzy but thought I could make it back to bed - WRONG. I passed out in the hallway. The results and final diagnosis after five hours in ER, was that I had pneumonia and was dehydrated. I also had a large gash on my head that required seven staples and three fractured toes on my left foot. It was a day of firsts, my first EKG, first chest x-ray, my first CAT scan and my first time to be stapled together. I have definitely had a much slower week than normal.

My birthday was on Saturday, a very quiet day. Then on Sunday a good friend had arranged a large celebration in a hall with all my daily and weekly quilts and five of my large black and white pieces. I managed to talk about them for a while, but I was far from 100percent. I took a few pictures that look blurry and off balance, probably because I was. Here are the two big circles, sorry about the picture.

I do know that friends took pictures. It was fun, everyones response to the work was very validating, but it wiped me out and I went straight to bed when I got home. Update, go to Lisa's blog for better pictures.

I did get a picture of the finished weekly leaf from last year.
The Weekly Leaf

The Weekly Leaf, year2

Early last week I took advantage of a very warm sunny day and used Solar Fast to print a few of the ginko leaves that I pressed last fall. This is how it looked when I put it out in the sun.
After about 12 min.
After the leaves removed.
After washing.

Week #11, year2

Daily Stitching updates

The Daily Paper #362-#365

 The finished piece
The Daily Paper
3-14-14 to 3-13-15
I have started another daily and will share that next time.

Silk Fragments #69-#76

The first four rows
I'm really loving this one.

The black and white gelli prints are on hold for the time being, I have eleven of each right now. Maybe by next week I'll feel up to spending time printing again.

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  1. I am inspired by your work-so unique and so beautiful. Your silk fragments piece.....drool! Glad you are better!

  2. Happy birthday and take care of yourself!! A good rest sounds like a good idea right now.

    The work is beautiful, as always.

    1. Thank you Kathleen, and I have been resting a lot.

  3. I loved the celebration! It was a great space to see so much of your art hung together. It is amazing how much art you have made during these years that I have known you. They are always beautiful to see online as you progress, but seeing the finished pieces in person, they were/are gorgeous.

    I also very much enjoyed how you talk about your work. The progression of how your process changed a little over time was very interesting and inspiring.

    Lastly, I will say your white circle on black is stunning, my all time favorite of your work. There is an elegant simplicity about it and it is so you.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I'm so glad you were there. The white circle on black is probably my favorite also.

  4. How very scary Linda......good to hear you are on the mend.....take care birthday girl!!

  5. The ginkos are wonderful. I am glad you survived the exhibition, good to see how they all look hanging.
    I guess handwork is a good thing while you are laid up. But don't over do it!

  6. I visited Lisa's blog and your celebration looked incredible. I'm glad you are feeling better. Your collection of art is amazing.

  7. OH Linda, I do hope you are feeling better now.
    I have just been over to your friends blog which was a delight. Your exhibition is just stunning. It is so intriguing to see what a difference the sum of all parts makes. I really enjoyed that and wish I could see it in person.

  8. I'm so sorry you have been so ill; I hope you are recovering well now. It is fascinating to see your daily/weekly projects put together - I guess I had been thinking of them as lots of little individual bits, but they look stunning all together.

  9. to see all the leaves and papers together was wonderful, you are very unique artist

  10. Oh, Linda, what a harrowing experience. I hope you are on the mend. In spite of it all you still managed to get so much done Love the Daily Papers finished! And this weeks ginkgo.