Monday, March 9, 2015

Soy Wax Play day

We had our first play day of the year on Friday, a sunny warm day. I did get some pictures of work in progress, but none of the finished pieces.

Trische watching Kathleen stamp wax on with a sponge.
 Barbaras pieces with wax waiting to be discharged.

Trische contemplating, she has one with paint on it and she' deciding what to do next with them.
 One of Kathleen's pieces with wax, I think she was going to discharge part and over dye.
 A piece of Sue's with dye over the wax.
 Barbara and Kathleen discharging outside

We had a great day and it was so much fun catching up after our winter hiatus.

The Weekly Leaf
This week I did my leaf with flour paste resist. I've worked with flour paste as a resist many times in the past, but it was always with at least a yard or two of fabric, so doing six inch squares was a bit different. The paste mixture is approximately half water half flour, and it is spread over the fabric with a squeegee. I did four pieces, each a bit different.
The top one has the fabric completely covered with the paste and I've drawn a leaf into the paste with a wooden skewer. The bottom three were done with a leaf shape cut out of a piece of freezer paper, the freezer paper ironed onto the fabric and then the paste scraped into the leaf shape opening and then the veins added with the wooden skewer. The flour paste dries and when manipulated develops cracks.

I applied textile paint to all but the one on rust colored fabric. When applying the paint I try to push it into the cracks. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture with the paint on it. The rust colored sample got comet cleanser with bleach brushed on it for discharge. I'm using the one that got completely covered with paste, but the others are in the pile for possible future use.

Weekly Leaf #10,year2

Daily stitching updates 

Silk Fragments #62-#68

The Daily Paper #355-#361 , only 4 more to go!!!

Black and white round gelli prints. I decided to do both black and white, so I'm doing two a day. So far I'm a bit underwhelmed with them, but I'm liking them more each day.
Here's all nine days stuck up on the design wall.

The last six days worth.

I'm using Versatex Printing Ink to do them. Each pair will be textured with the same tools but they aren't exactly the same. So my big decision each day is what do I  use to texture the plate before printing.

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  1. Looks like you had fun together playing with sojawax dyeing.
    I love the fabrics you painted and the little jewels you made.

  2. I've just discovered your site and I am fascinated! It would be good if there was the opportunity to follow by email. I loathe the "I want to be your friend on..." sites.

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