Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold, warm socks and leaves

We have had an early snow storm and then to top it off very cold temperatures. It has been 0 degrees F  the past two mornings, I heard on the radio that we have set new record lows for this date. Last night I finished my latest pair of socks and am wearing them this morning, my feet are warm.

I must be getting faster with my knitting, this pair took less than two months to make, usually it takes me most of the winter. I've used yarn that creates patterned stripes and I like that they are different, yet the same.

The snow and cold weather have pretty much stopped my collecting of leaves. Every Autumn I pick up an assortment of leaves as they fall, press them and then as a rule do nothing else with them. I have lots of dry leaves. One of my favorite places to press them is an old Webster's Dictionary. It's four inches deep so it can really fill it up. This is how one side of it looks.

The other side and the front look similar, I like to keep the stems sticking out so I can find them all.

On our last play day two weeks ago Trische gifted me with a pressed black lace elderberry leaf.

The following day I did two cyanotypes (blueprint) with it. Here's one of them in the sun doing its magic.

The finished prints.

I've been saving up all my blueprinted and SolarFast printed fabrics.

Now that winter has arrived, the printing will probably stop and the creating something with them will hopefully start.

I also used the Black Lace Elderberry leaf for my weekly leaf. I used my favorite standby the Gelli plate. Here's the leaf on the plate.

The print.

The Weekly Leaf #46

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  1. I have a bunch of books with leaves in them, too. I don't always know which ones as I don't leave the stems sticking out. And I also have dried leaves laying around.

  2. Lovely leaves as ever Linda, but those socks are wonderful - jazzy, cheerful, cozy warm. Just right for winter - and I love that they are different

  3. Your socks are terrific, almost makes me wish that I could knit. I am loving your sun prints! They will make a stunning quilt.