Monday, November 10, 2014

Thickened dye play, magic stamp and gifts

Last week we had another dye play day in Studio B, this time with thickened dye. I did get one picture of everyone hard at work.

Trische, Sue, Thea and Lisa all hard at work playing with thickened dye. You may note that the table is a bit high for some of them, I'm very tall and I had it built to fit me. Lisa took some good pictures and has them on her blog.

Sue gifted me with some little books she has been making.

She's been using fabric that she's done during our play days for the covers. Each book is about a  3 1/4" square.
Trische also gifted me with a pressed leaf, you'll see it next week.

I decided to go a bit abstract for this weeks leaf. I used a piece of Magic Stamp which is a flat dried sponge, that is easy to cut while dry and flat, but once it gets wet it swells up. I used a 4" x 6" piece which fits wonderfully on my 6" square.

I freehand cut a leaf shape out of a 4" x6" scrap of paper as my template and then traced around the template onto the magic sponge.

I cut it out with a craft knife because I wanted to keep the outer part whole.

This is how the leaf looks once I've gotten it wet. I wanted to keep the outer part whole so that in the future I can use it for a negative image.

Then I used Jacquard Textile paint and printed my leaf.

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  1. very cool idea with the magic sponge!

  2. Fun as usual to see what treasures you are up to. You've got some generous pals as well!

  3. So beautiful and colorful. I must try this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I see that you snuck a leaf into your Daily Paper. Your sponge leaf is wonderful. It seems like you never run out of idea.

  5. That dried sponge is very cool. The books Sue made are lovely, lucky you.

    I always love seeing so many detail shots of your daily work. They make your posts such a treat.

  6. 46 weeks of doing mixed media with all sorts of stencils and stamps and not one teacher had us using magic sponges. What a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing, Linda.