Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I finally got around to doing an indigo pot, I've known since March that I would need to do some so that I would have enough pieces for my Indigo and Rust daily stitching. Now I have enough for that plus several other pieces to use in other work. I also dyed some threads, gauze and a green silk that had been folded and the edges dipped in soy wax.
lime green silk, folded ,dipped in soy wax, then indigo dyed

various threads and gauze

silks and cottons with various different resists

I'm very pleased with my results and will probably do a few more pieces, including some paper. There are also some rather plain pieces and a couple with stitched resist that I cut up for my daily stitching. The piece on the far left of the above picture is a nice filmy silk scarf and I love how it came out. The piece next to it on the bottom was done with Elmer's blue school glue. The one on the far right was done with soy wax and a tjap. The rest were done with clamps and plexiglass pieces, and one with dried beans in rubber bands.

Daily stitching progress
365 Red Circles #280 - #282

Indigo and Rust #208 - #210

Weekly stitching #41

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  1. Beautiful. I especially like the pattern with Elmer's glue and your Weekly stitching #41.

  2. whoa, number 41 is so intriguing. I love your hand work.
    How large are they?
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. Thanks LeeAnna, the weekly pieces are 6" squares. the daily pieces are all 4" squares.

  4. Fantastic patterns. I absolutely love indigo. I dyed with it once at a workshop and have only a small swatch of fabric left. Maybe I need to get a group together an dye some more. No other blue is as good.

    1. Regina, It's easy to do yourself. Buy the kit that Jacquard sells and follow the easy directions, then you will have lots of fabric for yourself.

  5. Your indigos are so beautiful.....absolutely love the variety.....and those stitches.....Fabulous!

  6. Intriguing work as usual, and the indigo is so tempting.
    best, nadia