Monday, October 14, 2013

Open Studio and BAM

On Sunday I went into Boise with a friend to go to our friend Lisa Flowers Ross open studio and a visit to Boise Art Museum(BAM) . Lisa's work is always inspiring and displayed very professionally, I'm really loving some of her new work. Go to her blog and get an overview of her studio.

After our stop at Lisa's we did a quick lunch at Whole Foods and then on to BAM to check out some new exhibits. Lisa Kokin's "How the West Was Sewn"  was terrific, no photos are allowed so go to her website and check out what she does with old lace, linens and western novels. I had seen pictures of the western figures made out of the lace before seeing the exhibit and while these were wonderful, I was really taken with the leaves made from paperback books and lots of stitching.

Back in July I pieced together a top that I really liked and this week I finally quilted it.
Structures #1: Red and Turquoise
Linda McLaughlin

I even pulled out a double needle for some of the quilting.
The color in this photo is a bit off, the full shot is correct.

Daily stitching update.
365 Red Circles #283- #287

Indigo and Rust #211- #215

Weekly stitching #42

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  1. Just curious Linda.....assuming you quilted with batting and backing in place on your new piece.....what was the effect on the backing in the areas where you used the double needle?

  2. Thanks for driving all the way to Boise for my open studio. I'm glad you enjoyed your museum visit. Structures #1 is great.

  3. I like the double needle effect.I used it on my red silk piece and am going to use it again on a jacket. Be sure to show us the whole thing when it's quilted.

  4. I loved the hand embroidered pieces--reminded me of Kathy Loomis' daily hand stitching. Such a neat exercise! I've used a double needle to quilt the background of a piece and liked the effect.
    Martha Ginn

  5. Red circle #286 has a lot of character. As does Indigo #211. Fun stuff!

  6. I have just recently begun trying a little of that sort of pieceing....LOVE your results....and your hand stitches are divine as always

  7. Very interesting way the piece goes foreground/background. The red slats coming forward.
    Your hand work is awesome.
    LeeAnna Paylor