Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bouncing from one project to another

There are times when I really have trouble focusing and getting something I've started done. The quilt I was working on last week has been put in the corner while I quilt another one. I do plan on getting back to it and using paintstiks on the front and probably paint the back. Instead of working on that I pulled out a project that had been cut up back in May  2012 and finished quilting it.

The small piece (13"sq) was quilted over a year ago, now all three are done, the bigger pieces are about 20" sq. This was a dye painted whole cloth that I really liked, but had problems quilting it so the easiest solution was to cut it up. Here's a close up of the piece on the left.

As I've been stitching my weekly stitching pieces I've been planning on sewing them all together in a kimono shape, like this, with two more rows of four.

After a get together with my creative friends the week end before last I'm now considering not sewing them together. Lisa suggested that each individual one needed space and they should be hung separately and the more I think about it the more I agree with her.

Week #44

Daily Stitching
Indigo and Rust #224 -#230

365 Red Circles #296 -#302

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  1. I think your indigo and rust pieces would be amazing in a kimono shaped piece. I've been wondering what your plans were for all the pieces you've been embroidering.

  2. Hummmm....your friends got me thinking too. Could you finish each piece....(or selected ones) meaning a backing and tidy edge and arrange them as desired with perhaps at least an inch between......connecting them with heavy threads stitched between the adjacent blocks? Perhaps some threads running horizontally and some vertically....not densely, just enough to hold the pieces to each other. Just an idea....