Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trying to resurrect a failure

While cleaning my studio recently I came across an old piece of fabric that I had dye painted to make a whole cloth quilt. It has problems, the color is off and I had some other issues with the dye - I'm probably to blame since I used dye paste that had been around for a while. I was trying for a triadic color scheme of golden yellow, fuchsia and aqua blue. The aqua blue washed out to a green and I got other staining during the rinsing and wash out. I've now layered it and have it almost quilted, I thought that if I quilted it with the original colors I started with that it might help,but not so much.

The green still looks green and some of the other problems still show.

Might thought now is to either use paintstiks and brush in stronger colors or just paint the whole thing white and start over. I do like the texture from the quilting and it will show up even more with painting. Another option would be to paint the back since I used muslin for the backing.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea to experiment with painting over it. If you cover the front altogether with white, you won't have to continually see it and wish it hadn't had such issues. Then you will have a blank canvas with a bit of texturing where the colour does come through. And who knows where it can go from there.Sandy

  2. Me thinks you are being too hard on yourself......I think the variations of color are interesting, but your idea to paint the back is also thought provoking....

  3. I love the quilting designs that shows on the back and think that painting it might be the way to go. Or paint the front and some of the color will show though.

  4. Ooh...I wish I had such a project to feel discontent about!

    1. Thanks Bonnie, I've finished the quilting now and as I told the other commenters I think my first try will be to add Paintstiks to the front. If that doesn't do it I'll paint the back. I'll try to remember to take pictures and keep everyone up to date

  5. love the whole cloth. the hand embroidery in the daily stitching updates is incredible.