Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maple leaf finished

"Maple Leaf" is done and ready to be turned in for the Art Guilds raffle. The picture not the greatest because it is leaning against a wall and I took the picture from an angle. Unfortunately I have no where to hang it to get a good picture ( I don't want to put a nail thru my design wall).

It has been mounted on a frame and finished on the back as though it had been professionally framed. This is a side view, you can see how the facing wraps around the frame.

I'll hand it over to the Art Guild at the meeting on Thursday, I think ticket sales start in June during the Fiddle Festival. The drawing for the winner will take place in November.

In my efforts to try and organize some of my stuff I pulled out a bag full of paper towels that I've used to mop up dye.

I love some of these but have never found a way to use them. So I tried a sample of one fused to a piece of muslin, backed with flannel and the stitched with pearl cotton.

I'm rather liking the way it looks and it seems to hold up well with the stitching. This sample will probably be made into a postcard and mailed to a young friend of mine.

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