Saturday, April 2, 2011


The big leaf quilt(actually titled Autumn Leaf) has been accepted at the Denver National Quilt Festival, which is at the same time as the AQS show the end of this month. Then in June it will be going to the NQA show in Columbus ,OH.

I've finished quilting the not so big leaf and now have to get the facing on it so that I can mount it on stretcher bars. The art guild needs it by June to start selling raffle tickets during Fiddle week. The actual ticket drawing will be in November.

Then yesterday I felt the need to do something entirely different. I have several bundles of odd pieces of fabrics that I've put aside for such occasions. I used a group of silks yesterday and pieced them together in a rather freeform manner, then quilted it this morning. It's about 14" x 16".

I've finished the back of the sweater I'm knitting and started the front last night, but at the rate I'm knitting it will be ready for next winter.

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