Monday, April 25, 2011

Playing with Encaustic

I've been curious about Encaustic work for a few years and I'm finally doing something about it. I had several Encaustic books and dvd's listed on my Amazon wish list and between Christmas and my birthday I got them all! I bought a small package of encaustic medium from Dharma Trading company, some small (6 x 6) support boards and made do with items already in the studio, the heat gun and hot pot. I approached it as a way of doing a collage and gathered "stuff" I thought I might use. Below are the two pieces I did. The one on the left needs more of something, but I think the right hand one is done.

After playing I realized that I probably really need a bit more hands on guidance and lots of practice. A few days later while bouncing around checking out blogs I found a link for an Encaustic camp; I'm now signed up and ready to go! It's July 13 - 17 in the Portland ,OR area. It's a good six hour drive, maybe a bit more from here in Idaho. I'm excited!!

I haven't done any quilting lately, but I did make a doll for my youngest Granddaughter. She will be two next week.

Still very cool here, several morning well below freezing, so getting a garden planted has been on hold. I'm so ready to get something in the ground. My tulips are just now starting to open so it's looking like spring.

I'm off to lunch with some creative friends today - so I know it will be a good day.


  1. Love your encaustics. That is also on my list for play but I haven't got to it yet. What do you think you learned that will translate into your quilt work?

  2. Good question, I want to include textiles in the encaustic pieces and I want to learn more about working with the encaustic medium,I hadn't even considered if it would translate into my quilt work. I'm always open to learning a new medium.