Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two weeks have slipped by

Time sure does slip away. I had a delightful gift for Mothers day - my daughter bought tickets for Don and I to fly to Washington to spend Mothers day with them and my oldest son. We left here early Friday and returned on Sunday afternoon, we did our actual celebratory dinner on Saturday night. Wonderful Indian food. I was also given a 2 yard piece of mudcloth that my daughter had purchased in Tunisia last December.

When we moved here from Reno five years ago, I was given a large collection of quilt blocks from the members of the quilt guild I belonged to. The blocks were all different; different sizes, colors and patterns. I had asked for blocks of any size in red, gold, purple plus some black and white. I discovered that there are many interpretations of that - I was no where near specific enough. My plan had been to use them in a quilt for one of three twin beds in a spare bedroom, that didn't happen. I did use several of them to make pillows for a day bed. I dug the rest of those blocks out recently, divided them into two groups - light background and dark background. The twelve dark background ones are now a quilt top. The finished size is 45 x 60, a good size to snuggle in on a cold evening.

The blocks ranged in size from 6" to 12", so I made lots of four patches with borders around them to add to the original twelve blocks. I turned each of the blocks into a 15"sq with the addition of the blocks I made. I'm quite happy with the way it came out. Can you pick out the original twelve blocks?
The following picture is of the daybed with the pillows made from some of the blocks. There's a trundle bed underneath, if you look close on the bottom left a part of it's quilt is sticking out.

This is the other quilt in that room.

and the yard sale rocker that has a little quiltlet to cover it's strange color.

Now I have a pile of blocks with both white and muslin backgrounds- I'm thinking of doing a similar process to put them together.

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