Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another top done

I finished the quilt top made from the second group of gift blocks. A couple of the blocks didn't fit in so they are pieced into the backing. I've got both quilts layered and ready to quilt. I'll probably do some very simple quilting, stitch in the ditch most likely.

I've also dyed the one set of napkins and place mats - very bright intense colors. Here they are in the dye, they're in the dryer now. The fabric really sucked up the dye so I've got some very bright linens now.

This morning my favorite nursery had an herb seminar, quite informative and fun. Of course I came home with several new herbs and a pot to put them in. So I've spent most of the afternoon planting and playing outside in the garden, I'm so happy it's finally gotten warm enough to do it.

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