Sunday, May 16, 2010


After whining about not doing anything fabric related yesterday I decided that it was warm enough to make an indigo vat. I've never done indigo before, but the kit has been sitting here waiting for me for a couple of months. I've also had the fabric ready to go, I did several pieces of stitched resist a few months back. The above picture is some of them oxidizing on the clothesline.

This is the first batch all done. The vat is still good and I'll be able to do more. There's a mix of fabrics, silk, cotton and linen, I also did three skeins of pearl cotton. On the far right is a scarf that had been previously dyed a soft brownish pink, it was folded and clamped between two plexiglass squares, so it kept some of the original color. The pieces are all relatively small, at least to me they are. I normally work with a yard or two at a time.

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  1. Love seeing them float in the breeze...these are fantastic.