Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bricks, diamonds and hand stitches

This is the area where I'll be putting my pile of bricks, where all the weeds and crab grass used to be. I've been spending my mornings digging and am now ready to start laying bricks.

Then in the afternoon I've been spending time in the studio. The picture below is what I put on the design wall yesterday. It's the leftovers from the big green diamond quilt, plus a few additions.

It will be my blanket for yoga class. We need a blanket to cover ourselves in the winter when we lay on the floor because the building we use is very cool. I've been using an old quilt I made but it's more lap size and I'm tall and always have extremities hanging out. So this one is long and slender, made just my size.

This is what I should be working on.

It's a very large mono print that I'm doing some hand stitching on. My plan is to get it done and enter it into Quilt National. I can't show you the whole thing because of their entry rules. I must have needed a break from it because I kept finding excuses to go to the kitchen for a snack or to play with other fabric. So I gave in and played with fabric, I really don't need the snacks.

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