Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road trip

We are back home after our latest road trip, this one to Reno. This is pretty much the view for eight hours each direction. It's a good thing I enjoy the high desert landscape.
It's not a complete trip without a stop at the Rock House for a latte.
Here's the doll with her new owner, my very cute granddaughter Arie on her third birthday.
Also while there I did a 10k race, since there were no walking categories I was in with the runners and still came out 7th in my age group! I was also a little over three minutes faster than when I did the same race two years ago. My son did the half marathon and was 2nd in his age group and 32nd overall. My daughter in law also did the 10K as a runner and did well. We were all quite pleased with our results and are attributing them to the wonderful sushi we had the night before the race. I kept up my daily stitching project, #50 and #56 were done while we were on the road. I really have a tough time doing anything while riding, I prefer to just sit back and gaze out the window and let my mind just wander. I really could get quite a bit done if I could get used to doing something while riding. Here are #49 thru #56.

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