Thursday, August 16, 2018

More indigo

While sitting in my chair working on my daily stitching, my container of vintage drapery silk samples  caught my eye and I just knew I had to try them with some indigo. Within an hour I had these hanging on my design wall.

Now I must confess that I do things like this all the time, look at them and not know what to do with them, fold them up and put them away. This time I posted this picture on instagram, made a comment about what am I going to do with them and Sue Reno responded with a whole list of things I could do with them. One of those was to use the fabric as background for appliqué, which is something I rarely do, but for some reason it stuck with me. The following morning I started pulling things out and after making a bit of a mess found some silk hexagons that had been prepped for stitching about six years ago, a few were just the right color and I had the start of something new.

The piece on the right is just pinned together. The piece on the left has the hexagons appliquéd down  and the hand stitching has begun.

Two of the other pieces are very light weight silk and will become scarves, the rest have been folded up and put away for now. I do have more of the samples and will most likely be dipping more into the indigo pot.

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2018 Weekly Leaf #33

I've started using the botanical prints I showed last time.

Before stitching

2018 daily Stitching #2 days 78 - 84

More french knots this week.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Indigo, Cyanotype, and Botanical prints

I've had a fun week of printing leaves for my weekly leaf series. First I did several botanical prints dipping the leaves in a copper solution before steaming. These are all on silk broadcloth and the copper gives a much more delicate look than my usual iron dip. This group is ready for the next five weeks of stitching.

I also did several cyanotypes using green fabric treated with the chemicals.
This group and the next will be used later in the year for the weekly leaves. The next group was an experiment with soy wax, stencils and indigo.

I had made up an indigo pot because I wanted a piece of indigo blue about 24" square, after I got that done I decided it was play time. I let some local friends know that I had a pot ready and they were welcome to come play and this morning that's what we did.

We played early because the temperature this afternoon are supposed to be 108 degrees, way too hot to play. The square piece I did is below, underneath the rusted piece I'll be stitching to it.
Last week I promised to show the quilts that were at the Fair.

2018 Weekly Leaf #32

2018 Daily Stitching #2, days 71-77

More background done and a french knot spiral, it's over half way done!

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Friday, August 3, 2018

County Fair Time

This week is the Washington County fair in Cambridge, Idaho and I spent the day yesterday as one of the supervisors for the intake and judging of flowers. This is my second year doing this and it's a fun busy day. This year I even entered some of my herbs, coleus and a house plant and they did well. Earlier in the week I took a couple of quilts up, they both got blue ribbons and special awards. I meant to take pictures, but got busy with my job and forgot, so maybe next week.

My hubby is healing well and the staples were taken out on Wednesday and he is progressing very well and most of my nurse duties are finished, except for driving him to appointments.

2018 Weekly leaf #31

2018 Daily Stitching #2 days 64-70
 I filled in the blue of the x shape and more background stitching.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Healing, kittens and stitching

Thank you for all the supportive comments after last weeks post about my husbands hip replacement. He is doing very well and I'm amazed at how fast he is recovering. The first few days after surgery, while he was still in the hospital I was wondering how I would be able to handle him when he got home, I didn't need to worry. One of the physical therapists actually came over to our house the first night he was home to make sure he could get up and down our 14 steep stairs to the second floor bedroom. He not only did it that night but has been going up and down at least twice a day since. Right now he's in the kitchen fixing his own lunch. He's still using a walker, but is gradually using a cane more frequently and it's made a huge difference. Next week the 27 staples holding is hip together are coming out.

The feral Mama cat that hangs out in our yard has had three kittens this year. Of course they are adorable and are really starting to get out and play. They are five weeks old so it will be a few more weeks before I'll need to find new homes for them.

This year they are all black and white with a little triangle on their foreheads just like Mom.

2018 Weekly Leaf #30

2018 Daily Stitching #2 days 57-63

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weekly and Daily stitching update

My hubby had hip replacement surgery earlier this week and is still in the hospital so I haven't gotten much done creatively. Luckily the hospital is only four blocks from home so I go back and for quite a bit. He is doing fairly well and is scheduled to be home tomorrow morning, that's when I'll get real busy. I've kept up with my weekly and daily stitching but that's about it.

2018 Weekly Leaf #29

2018 Daily Stitching #2 days 50-56

I did lots of the background while sitting at the hospital, the top third is done.

That's it for this week and I'm not going to promise much more for next week. I'm taking a bit of a break this afternoon and having lunch with friends, then back to the hospital.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Making books

I'm participating in an online class called "Mixed Media Printmakers Retreat" this week, the instructor is Linda Germain. I took one of her other classes a few years ago and like her teaching style. Everyday we've been getting a few short videos on how to make different types of books, a video on a layering technique and one that is an artist talk. I rarely work on paper, but have a stack of printed ones left over from the last class I took from her and some others from botanical printing. It's been a great divergence to try something new and use up stuff I have. My goal is to do the class without buying anything new and so far it's working great , only one day to go so I'm sure I'll make it. So here are my first books.

A board book, I used cardboard pieces and taped them together because I didn't have an old child's board book.

A book made with tabs, I used fabric to cover the cardboard for the cover.

A book with stab binding, a fabric cover again.
The inside cover paper.

 An accordion fold book made form some of my botanical prints on heavy watercolor paper.

The covers of the accordion fold book.
I haven't made todays book yet, but its next on my agenda.

I finished the little pink 'spike' stuffed toy for our soon to arrive great grand daughter.

2018 Weekly Leaf, week 28

The next five leaves are all cyanotypes, but instead of blue and white they are gold and dark green.

2018 Daily Stitching, days 43-49
Working on the upper right corner this week.

Next week I'll probably do lots of background stitching on it. My husband will be having hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, so I'll have lots of sitting time in the hospital.

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