Daily Stitching Projects

"Sixty Five Days to 65"
Hand dyed cottons and silks, hand beaded and embroidered.
The one that started it all. I did one block a day for the 65 days leading up to my 65th birthday.

3/14/2012 - 3/13/2013
"Sixty Five days of being 65"
Hand printed cotton and silks, hand embroidered.
All the fabric squares were cut from leftover samples of various surface design techniques.

1/1/2013 - 12/31/2013
"365 Red Circles"
cotton, linen, silk and velvet
Each square has either an appliquéd or embroidered red circle.

3/14/2013 - 3/13/2014
"Indigo and Rust"
Indigo and Rust dyed cottons, hand embroidered.

1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014
"Line Dance"
Vintage silk drapery fabrics, hand embroidered

3/14/14 to 3/13/15
"The Daily Paper"
paper towels used to mop up dye, cotton, hand embroidered

1/1/15 to 12/31/15
"Silk Fragments"
hand dyed stitch resist silk, hand embroidery

3/14/15 to 3/1/16
"Sari Ribbon and French knots"
recycled sari, basketweave silk oil, hand embroidery

1/1/16 to 12/31/16
"Gelli Prints"
Gell Plate prints on cotton and silk, hand embroidery

3/14/16 to 3/13/17
#Shades of Orange"
hand dyed stitch resist silk, hand embroidery

For 2017 I've made a big change and I'm stitching on one 10 inch square of fabric until it's completely covered, then mount it onto a black canvas. Much easier to store and display.
1/1/17 to 6/6/17
167 days of stitching

6/7/17 to 11/28/17
175 days of stitching
10" x10"

1/1/18 to 5/24/18
144 days of stitching

5/25/18 to 9/18/18
117 days of stitching
10" x 10"

9/19/18 to 12/25/18
97 days of stitching
10" x 10"