Monday, April 14, 2014

Mono prints and a pink cat

I'm now in my 4th week of the online mono printing class and I have really learned a lot. I've made lots of prints, most of them no one will ever see, but I'll share a few of them.

A series of yoga prints.

A couple of hand prints.

I've never done much with paper and inks so this has really been a learning experience. Now I've got to figure out how to take some of what I'm learning and transferring it to fabric.

The pink"jaguar" is on it's way to my granddaughter, here he is getting into the travel box.

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used a print made with a rubbing plate, the Gelli plate and Jacquard textile paint on hand dyed fabric.

The leaves were outline stitched with a stem stitch. As I stitched them I became very enthralled with the negative space around the leaves, so I did lots of french knots in that space and left the veins unstitched.
week #15

Daily stitching projects
Line dance #101 - #104

The Daily Paper #29 - #32

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sewing Challenges

This week I'm working on a variety of sewing challenges. The first one was easy, is done and the happy owner has it. I made a sleeve for fly rod, 36" long with slots of varying sizes to fit the poles.

The second one is slow going, I'm making a stuffed cat. My youngest granddaughter requested a pink jaguar, my son said anything in pink that resembled a cat would do. I found a McCalls pattern for a cat, had some pink fleece and cotton and I'm using a bit of black for ears and nose. I'm not fond of working with small fiddly pieces but I've almost got it done.

The third challenge is for another granddaughter, this one graduating from high school. When her sister graduated I made a t-shirt quilt for her, so that was requested for this graduation also. Today I got the box of t-shirts in the mail. It had 4 t-shirts, a cheerleading jacket, cheerleading uniform top and a head band.

School colors are blue and white, but granddaughters favorite color is pink and there is one pink t-shirt. I'm thinking of doing predominately pink and black for the fabric I add to it, I'll probably dye a pink to match the one pink t-shirt. I'll think it over while I finish the pink jaguar.

Daily project updates

Line Dance #96 - #100

The Daily Paper #24 - #28

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Taking Quilt Photos

Normally when I take photos of my quilts I pin them to my design wall in Studio B. The design wall is 20' long and 8' high, which sounds like a huge space until you put a 10' x 4' print table parallel to it and another 8' x4' perpendicular to it. Although the big table has rollers, there is no where to roll it. The studio is relatively narrow but with the tripod on the table I can usually get in the whole quilt. I've been putting off taking a photo of my finished weekly project from last year and needed to tackle it this week. Because of the way I used beads to sew the squares together I needed to hang the quilt rather than pin it to the wall. I have a quilt stand with tripod legs, the legs are just wide enough that when I hung the quilt I couldn't get a photo because it was too close to the table. I also had no where to hang my lights, they normally are attached to the quilt frames tripod legs. I ended up moving to a spare bedroom and improvised. This is how it looked.

I attached the lights to some ott lights that I have, put one on the bed and one on a chair. Our house is old so there are very few electrical outlets, this picture doesn't show the cords that are allover the floor. But it worked and is still up there, I have a few others that need to have their picture taken.

Weekly stitching project

The Weekly leaf.
This week I used one of my hand carved stamps and stamped three images onto hand dyed fabric.

Week #14

Line Dance #90 -#95

Five rows of them sewn together.

The Daily Paper #18 -#23

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Learning new things

Since January I've been taking a Master Gardeners class,  there are just two weeks left and I'm amazed at how much I've learned. Now I have to get outside and start putting what I've learned into action, if only the weather would cooperate. I think I'm a fair weather gardener. I will have to put in thirty hours of volunteer time so that should get me moving.

This past week I started an online Monotype class with Linda Germain. We started the week by making a 9" x 13" gel plate, gathering tools, making stencils and learning how to work with the inks and brayer. I made regular gel plates many years ago and have most recently been playing with a Gelliarts plate, but this is the first time I've made a plate with glycerin as one of the ingredients. My big learning curve is going to be the inks and brayer. I've always considered myself brayer challenged but have been doing better with textile paints and the gelliarts plate. In this class we are using speedball block printing inks and I'm feeling brayer challenged again, I'm sure with enough practice and re-watching the class videos I'll get the hang of it. We are working on paper, but already I can see some wonderful possibilities for prints on fabric. Here are some of my first prints.

So far this one is my favorite.

On Friday I did my final guest blogging post over at ...And then we set it on fire. This time I wrote about my weekly stitching.

The Weekly Leaf
        This week I did not print a leaf, instead I took a piece of hand dyed fabric and stitched a leaf shape with french knots and then added the veins with stem stitch. I used one my favorite leaf resource books.
Drew a leaf the correct size to use for guidance.
 Then added stitches.
Week #13

Daily stitching updates.
Line Dance #84 - #89

The Daily Paper #12 - #17

Some close ups.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Settling in

I'm starting to settle in with my new daily stitching project, seems to have taken me longer than usual but I think it's because it's taking me longer to get it all together. With my previous projects I had all the fabric cut and ready to go when I started. This time I have to fuse a piece of the paper to my pre cut square and it's been a rather slow process, but I do have enough done for the next three months.
My pile of paper has it's own container now.

The pieces that are ready to use have another container.

I have two piles going, one that is a four inch square of the paper towel fused to a piece of flannel, the other is odd shapes fused to a four inch square of white cotton. The odd shapes are the ones that are taking the most time, getting that odd little piece of fusible in the right spot takes some patience. I've also included some odd pieces of hand made paper and some tea bag paper.

I was also contemplating what to name this project. Sandy Snowden gave me a couple good suggestions, paper chase and paper days, but I think I've settled in on The Daily Paper.

The Daily Paper #5 - #11

Line Dance #77 - #83

This weeks leaf is another one that has been stenciled with paintstiks.

The Weekly Leaf #12

Here's a shot of all twelve.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

A new start

On Friday I started  a new daily stitching project and I'm still working it out. I knew that I wanted to incorporate some of the paper collections that I have sitting around here, my dilemma was which ones and how. I've settled on using the pile of very colorful paper towels that had been used to clean up after dying fabric. This is most of the pile.

 My next dilemma was how to use them. I started by tearing some pieces up and fusing them to some white fabric, then adding stitching. I don't have enough of the white fabric (a cotton sheeting) for the whole year so I thought I'd add in some of the leftover background pieces form my 365 Red Circles. While stitching on day two I decided that I would like some of the squares to be all paper. I cut some 4" shares out of the paper towels and fused them to a light weight muslin and discarded the idea of using leftovers from a previous project. So here's the first four days worth, the picture was taken this morning in terrible light.

This is where I am with it now, it may change again, but it's starting to feel comfortable. The end product will be very colorful. Now I need a name for it, I'm think Paper Trail, but am open to suggestions.

Line Dance #74 - #76

The weekly leaf.
This week the leaf has been stenciled with paintstiks and a stencil from Cedar Canyon Textiles .

Week #11

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