Thursday, July 12, 2018

Making books

I'm participating in an online class called "Mixed Media Printmakers Retreat" this week, the instructor is Linda Germain. I took one of her other classes a few years ago and like her teaching style. Everyday we've been getting a few short videos on how to make different types of books, a video on a layering technique and one that is an artist talk. I rarely work on paper, but have a stack of printed ones left over from the last class I took from her and some others from botanical printing. It's been a great divergence to try something new and use up stuff I have. My goal is to do the class without buying anything new and so far it's working great , only one day to go so I'm sure I'll make it. So here are my first books.

A board book, I used cardboard pieces and taped them together because I didn't have an old child's board book.

A book made with tabs, I used fabric to cover the cardboard for the cover.

A book with stab binding, a fabric cover again.
The inside cover paper.

 An accordion fold book made form some of my botanical prints on heavy watercolor paper.

The covers of the accordion fold book.
I haven't made todays book yet, but its next on my agenda.

I finished the little pink 'spike' stuffed toy for our soon to arrive great grand daughter.

2018 Weekly Leaf, week 28

The next five leaves are all cyanotypes, but instead of blue and white they are gold and dark green.

2018 Daily Stitching, days 43-49
Working on the upper right corner this week.

Next week I'll probably do lots of background stitching on it. My husband will be having hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, so I'll have lots of sitting time in the hospital.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Baby quilt done

I finished the quilt for our soon to arrive great granddaughter and have the little stuffed toy made from the scraps almost ready. In answer to my question of any particular colors or theme for the baby, I was told unicorns, rainbows and stars. After an internet search I found a fabric that had all the above and a coordinating darker pink with stars. I kept it simple and also used the unicorn, rainbow and stars for the backing.

The indigo fabrics now have a bit of rust on them, I'm not sure if they are ready to stitch yet or not. I'll ponder it a bit.

2018 Weekly Leaf, week #27

2018 Daily Stitching #2, days 36-42

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Finish

I finished a piece this week that I can't remember when it was started, it's something that I'd pickup on occasion and work on. It's a piece of repurposed fabric that was bought at a yard sale several years ago. It's been rusted and tea stained, stitched, and then encased in gel medium on a  11" x 14" painted canvas.

I woke up this morning with an idea to add rust to a few of my old indigo pieces. I've rummaged through what I have and pulled out these four.

They are now out in Studio B with a few strategically placed rusty bits on them, hopefully next week I'll be able to show some transformed pieces.

We are expecting a great granddaughter in September so I've started a quilt for her, a rather simple star quilt in the fabric that coordinates with the room decor (at least I hope it does).

2018 Weekly Leaf #26, halfway through the year!

Before stitching
After stitching

2018 Daily Stitching #2, days 29-35

Background and some peacock colored french knots while I try to figure out what to do with the blobs in the upper fight corner.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

It's Fiddle Week

It's a busy week here in Weiser, the National Old Time Fiddle Contest is taking place. This happens the third week in June every year and it runs on lots of volunteer hours. I finished my stint of hours at noon today. For the past eleven years I've been a checker, I check the tabulations of the judges scores to make sure everything is correct before it is input into the computer. I sit with the person that tabulates the scores in a little room, we get to hear the music but not see the performances. The judges are in a bigger room next to us and they also hear it but don't know who is playing.

Back in May 2010 there was a contest held to decorate large plywood fiddles, I participated and won the contest. If you go back thru my blog archives there are several posts about decorating the fiddle. Here I am with the finished fiddle.

And here is how the fiddle looks today hanging from a power pole.
The decorated fiddles are hung on power poles on the town's main streets and near the contest site for the week of the contest, so every year I search mine out.

On Saturday there will be the annual parade and this year I'll be walking in part of the parade handing out Library bookmarks. The things you end up doing when you're a board member.

I put together another donation quilt top last weekend, it's waiting for a backing and quilting.

2018 Weekly leaf #25

Before Stitching

After Stitching

2018 Daily Stitching #2  days 22-28

A lot of french knots

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Feeling uninspired

If it weren't for the bit of daily and weekly stitching that I do, I would have nothing to share. I've been lacking in motivation the past couple of weeks. I've had some ideas for projects and have even gotten out what I would need to get started, but end up putting everything away and doing nothing. Actually I've been on the computer doing jig zone puzzles and solitaire, not a good use of time!

SAQA has a call out for work using repurposed materials called Upcycle, I immediately thought of three different things that I have that could be used and at various times have gotten the stuff out, but nothing seems to be jelling into a complete idea. Maybe I just need more time to work it through.

2018 Weekly Leaf #24

Before stitching

After stitching

2018 Daily Stitching #2

A bit of background and some new shapes

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