Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Postcards

It's Christmas postcard time again and as usual I had no idea what I was going to do until I got started. This year I started with a quick sketch and then threw some fabric around trying to decide what to use. I ended up using a piece of antique  textured silk for the background and a textured red silk from an old blouse for the 'package'. Here is my sketch and first sample.

I decided I liked it and started my assembly line with all the parts cut and ready to go.

The red free hand cut square was fused to the green background which was fused to the timtex, then  hand stitching added for the 'ribbon'. Then fused another piece to the back and took them to the machine and zig zagged around the edge.

A few of the finished cards ready to mail.

Last week I spent some time with two different groups of friends and I made a small paper pieced tree ornament for each of them. The finished size is 1 1/2" square and fused to felt.

The Weekly Leaf
This week I used one of the extra's that I made earlier in the year, October to be exact. I used Solarfast from Jacquard and a leaf from one of my favorite trees.

Week #50

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Monday, December 8, 2014

New Stitching

I belong to the local art guild and there's a local business,Weiser Classic Candies, that has a gallery wall where the guild hangs artwork. The artwork is changed every two months and I always struggle to have three to five small pieces to hang, frequently I hang photographs. I actually had something new to hang this month. I really like having something to do with my hands so I've been putting together some small scraps and stitching them. I had finished one last week and I realized that if I mounted it on a canvas it could be one of my pieces to hang.

 Green sampler
silk and cotton

The Weekly Leaf
This week I used a square that had been printed on my gelli plate. I have a pile of prints, I've printed more than I've needed  and sometimes it's handy to have especially now that there aren't many leaves around.

I actually did three prints from that leaf, I'm using the one on top.

Week #49

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Painted Wonder Under

Thanksgiving is the only holiday that all my kids and grand kids descend on us. This year we had ten extra in the house for a few days, we had a lot of fun, did a 5k Turkey trot, cooked and ate way to much and created "art". One of the favorite activities is to go out to Grandmas studio and play with fabric and paint. I still haven't gotten out to the studio to clean up the resulting mess, maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

The Weekly Leaf

This weeks leaf was done with painted Wonder Under. I had a sponge full of paint leftover last week when I printed the oak leaf so I applied it to a scrap of Wonder Under fusible.

I drew a simple leaf shape and traced the stem onto my fabric.

Then cut the leaf shapes freehand from the painted fusible web.

Placed the cut leaves painted side down on the fabric, along the stem line that I had earlier traced.
Once they were all in place I ironed them, let them cool a bit and then peeled off the paper backing from the fusible.

Week #48

One cautionary note, do not use an iron directly on the finished surface.

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Monday, November 24, 2014


Over the past few weeks I've done a bit more updating on this blog. I've added more pages, up at the top are some new tabs for my Circle Quilts, Leaf Quilts and Daily Stitching projects. There's probably a bit more tweaking to do but I'm slowly getting it done.

I'm also now an official Idaho Master Gardener, a couple of weeks ago I got my vest and name tag.

Over on my Daily Photo Blog I'll be doing a calendar giveaway to celebrate Five years of daily photos. There are times, like this past week, when I consider not doing it anymore, but it has become a part of my life and I like taking photographs. So I guess that means I'll be starting year #6 on Nov. 30.

Void #8 is also finished. Now that I have eight I'll do the companion piece to each one, reversing the black and white.
void #8
This weeks leaf is an oak leaf. I applied fabric paints with a sponge to the back of the leaf.

Turned the leaf painted down on my fabric and pressed with my fingers.

The resulting print was fairly light but easy enough to see to stitch it.

The Weekly Leaf #47

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