Monday, November 30, 2015

5k, Grandkids and Creating.

Thanksgiving and all the family have come and gone. We had a great time, did the 5k turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning, ate way to much and enjoyed each others company.
Here we are at our after race coffee and smoothie stop, only one not doing the race was my husband, he stayed home and baked cookies.

The Grandkids usually want to play with fabric and paint in Studio B, but this year they spent most of their time in Studio A playing with fabric and the sewing machine. All but the six year old created something, all on their own without any adult guidance. Below is a piece that my 10 yr. old grandson did.

I had a box of scraps for them to use and use them they did. The top part of this one is polar fleece, they had no rules and just combined whatever was in the box. It was quite delightful to see what they created and the fun they had doing it. The only time Grandma was called in was when they had a machine glitch, like running out of bobbin thread.

After they left I got busy and quilted a queen size quilt that a group of us have made for a local couple that lost everything in a fire.

Yesterday was my last post on my daily photo blog . After six years of daily photos I've decided I need a break, of course today I feel like I'm forgetting to do something, but I'm sure I'll get over it. If I don't I can always start again.

The Weekly Leaf
This week I used a SolarFast print form last Aprils play day. 

Week #48

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #328-#334

Sari Ribbon #256-#262

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  1. Nothing beats being with family! Well, food maybe!!! And the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree" does it! Lots of talent for a 10 yr old!!!
    Everytime I see your leaf pieces I want to start on mine! Guess I could at least get my leaf's started! HA Did you see the post I did on you on my blog?
    ( I mentioned a book you might be interested in!

    1. I did see that and the book is on it's way. Thank you.

    2. I think you will enjoy it! Mine is in my bag to take to Florida! I bought it years's quite large but that's what I love about the photos!!

  2. What a weekend you’ve had!! I love the idea of a activity box that allows kids freedom to create! Your daily blog has been so appreciated…..thank you….yes, now you deserve a break!

  3. You are a dynamo! I admit I'm procrastinating today's post after a busy day visiting quilt shops with my sewing group, but promised my reader's I would. I've just scratched the surface of your blog, but there is so much here for me to love. Thank you for linking up with Off the Wall so I could find you! I love it here!