Monday, November 9, 2015

Robes for Christmas

My son suggested that I make fleece robes for his boys for Christmas, my other son and his wife thought that was a great idea for their girls also, so I'm in robe making mode. Everyone comes here on Thanksgiving so my plan is to have them done by then so I don't have to ship them at Christmas.
Here's my pile of fleece.
As of this afternoon two of them are done.

My knee continue to heal, I'm not 100% yet but I'm getting closer, and riding that stationary bike everyday. The weather is changing, finally had a frost, so what I should be doing is cleaning up my garden, but I don't think my knee is quite ready yet. Today we are getting rain and some wind, makes it easier to stay inside and sew robes.

The Weekly Leaf

I dug thru my pile of extra leaf prints and am using one that I printed with Solarfast this summer.

Week #45

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #307-#313

Sari Ribbon #235-#241

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  1. I enjoy so much seeing your weekly leaf and daily stitching!!! So inspiring.....perhaps something I should start next year! I'll keep you posted!!! Can't wait to see those kiddies model their robes!

    1. I just might do this!!!! Too busy now but a great 'new year' project!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    2. I just might do this!!!! Too busy now but a great 'new year' project!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    3. My friend is starting a small (5) group of fiber artists to meet monthly while I'm in florida this winter...our first technique is sun printing..which we've all most likely have done in the past BUT it will give me an opportunity to do some leaf prints to start on my project! I'll be sure to post on my blog your influence when I start this project! Again, thanks for inspiration!!!

    4. You are welcome - go for it!

  2. Oh your robe-athon brought such a good memory back to me. My FIL was Chancellor of U of W Stout for many years. Every Christmas he waited till the last minute then sent his secretary out to the school bookstore to buy gifts. The gals all got sweatshirt robes and the guys hoodies…..we eagerly awaited these annual gifts…. Perhaps I can begin a new tradition and make some sweatshirt robes!?!?

  3. Beautiful hand work and photography. Found you at Nina Marie Creations.

  4. Something about November always makes me want to make fleece goodies. I guess it's the warmth and comfort of fleece. Love your leaves :-)

  5. Linda, your leaves are always so beautiful. The highlight of the weekend for me. Thanks for sharing them.