Monday, December 7, 2015

Grey,rainy days

We have had several very grey rainy days and several more in the forecast, and that's my excuse for not being very productive. I did start my Christmas postcards, but I'll write about them next week, after they go in the mail. Here's a quick peek.

Yesterday a couple of friends and I went north about half an hour to the small town of Cambridge, ID to attend a Christmas concert that a couple more friends were involved in. The concert is held every December in the exhibit hall of the fairgrounds, not a typical venue for a concert. Last year Christmas quilts were hung along the walls to add some ambiance. This year the theme was snow and there were large paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling and on the walls. I did get a couple not so great photos.

The three of us had a hand in making some of the snowflakes, there were lots of them. My friend Jeanette made over seventy them, my contribution was in the single digits, but I did contribute a big roll of paper.

The Weekly Leaf

Jeanette not only made snowflakes but she also gifted me some leaves she had collected.

I printed them onto Jacquards cotton fabric that's treated for ink jet printers. Put misty fuse on the back of the fabric and cut out the leaves. I used the little green leave this week, the colorful ones have been saved for another week.
After cutting them out they were fused to a piece of hand dyed fabric.
Then stitched.
Week #49

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #335-#341

Sari Ribbon #263-#269

The grey weather is making it very difficult to get enough light for good pictures.

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  1. Love those leaves!!! Snowflakes look so nice hung!! We have had more sunny days here in Michigan in years!!! Hope to share some of our sun! :)

  2. The snowflakes are beautiful. They must have been enormous.