Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Book Review

 Kathleen Loomis, has written and self published a book and she has asked me to review it. I had to say yes, because Kathleen does some of the most wonderful quilts and writes an excellent blog, so I knew it would be great information. Pattern-Free Quilts; Riffs on the Rail Fence Block is a very comprehensive look at starting to design your own quilts.

There are pages of variations, including number of stripes, angled stripes and blocks that aren't square. Each one is illustrated very clearly and then there are the samples, lots of wonderful samples that make you realize just how versatile the humble rail fence block is.

There is one thing well covered in the book that I don't think I've seen in any other quilt book, the design wall. I personally don't think I could do anything without my design wall. Kathleen gives some options for temporary design walls, so there's no excuse to not have one.

Another important subject is analyzing what you have done so that your skills and ability to create without a pattern continue to improve.

If you are ready to step out and create without following a pattern, this is the book for you. You can order your copy here, http://www.createspace.com/5403666 .

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used the gelli plate, Jacquards textile paint and a pin oak leaf that my grandson had given me.

Week #36

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #244-#250

Sari Ribbon #172-#178