Monday, September 14, 2015

Way to much fabric!

I never thought I would admit this, but I have way to much fabric! All but one small container is fabric that I've dyed and printed myself. I've been actively involved in surface design since the early 90's, had a business selling my fabric at quilt shows for sixteen years and have done just about any surface design technique you can name. I still love to do most of it, but the problem is I really like to make black and white art work, so I have piles of fabric. I do use it, so far this year I've made fourteen donation quilts. So this past week I've been sorting through some of what I have.

Snow and/or ice dyed fabrics.

A stop to make a quick quilt from small pieces of snow and/or ice dyed fabric.

Fabric that I know I will never use and have put in a tub for friends to go through.

Fabric sorted in piles on my cutting table, some piles by color, some as possible projects.

Fabric neatly folded, these may end up as quilt backs.

And lastly a small pile of fabric I've printed and do want to keep and possibly use.

I've had to stop myself from doing more ice dyed fabric, I love doing it but don't need to keep piling it up. It's not my favorite to use. The same with deconstructive screen printing and several other techniques. I also like to do large pieces, not small samples, which means I have large pieces of fabric piling up. This is only the tip of the iceberg; wait till I get to the shibori fabric.

The Weekly Leaf
This week's leaves were done with SolarFast. Three leaves from the same tree, all different.

Week #37

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #251-#257

Sari Ribbon #179-#185

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  1. Yikes, I sure wish I lived closer as I see a fabric sale in the future!

  2. Love the leaves of the same tree!
    You never know when suddenly you decided to go for colour. witness your daily/weekly work!
    What size are the leaf squares?

  3. Me, too! Way too much fabric. I also have boxes of commercial fabric under the guest room bed. I hardly ever, almost never use commercial fabrics anymore. I probably should just give it away.
    I really like your quilt out of the snow dyed fabrics. I should do that, too.

  4. My quilt guild is having a day for members to sell fabrics and books we no longer want (or need)! I've already filled up two bins and still have lots to go through...and I haven't dyed too much this summer, even though I've really wanted to. It just takes over your whole life!