Monday, August 10, 2015

Prepping for a show

I have a show coming up in Corvallis, OR, at the Arts Center. The opening reception will be on Aug. 27 and the show will run through September. I will be delivering my work on the 24th, a mere two weeks away. So I've been making sure that all my work is ready to go. I'll be showing work from my black and white circle series, most of it is rather large, but I do have my Voids that are smaller and will be hung together.

I just spent a couple of days putting hanging wire on the backs and then a backing with a label. It's amazing how much time it took to get that done! Good thing I didn't wait any longer.

I have a lot of Lutrador in both black and white, so that is what I fused to the back, after I fused labels to each piece.

The Weekly Leaf
I used Jacquard's Color Magnet this week. It was screen printed onto white fabric, dried and then the fabric was dyed. The screen printed image comes out darker than the rest of the fabric.

Week #32

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #216-#222

Sari Ribbon #144-#150

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  1. I can't imagine wiring all those little pieces, but they look amazing all together. I wish I lived closer to see the show.

  2. Those black and white circles are amazing! Maybe you've said before but how big is each one? They'd look fabulous hung in a grid

  3. Love your black and white work!!! All those little pieces doing so well together!!