Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Weekly Leaf and Line Dance done!

Hard to believe it's the end of the year already, but I've run out of squares for Line Dance and just did week 52 of the Weekly Leaf, so it must be.

The Weekly Leaf
A few weeks ago, before the snow covered everything , I found a bunch of willow leaves.

Out came the Gelli plate and the Jacquard textile paint and I got three prints.
 first and second print from the Gelli plate
print made with paint left on leaf

I used the last print, the one done directly with the leaf and added lots of stitching.

Week #52

Here are all 52 of them.

This year I'm going to attach them to a quilted natural silk noil background. In the picture above they are just placed on the fabric, I haven't quilted it yet. 

I have loved doing these. I have used at least fifteen different surface design techniques to get the image onto the fabric. They include; several different methods with a Gelli plate, stencils, masks, thermofax/screen prints, drawing, tracing, rubbings, stamps, soy wax, discharge, color magnet, Solarfast, solvent transfer, TAP, stitched shibori, and painted wonder under. I've kept the stitching simple using these basic stitches; stem stitch, backstitch, french knots, chain stitch and straight stitches. You can see each one by clicking on The Weekly Leaf page link in the header above.

Daily Stitching updates.

Line Dance #358-#365

All sewn together

 A closer look.

The Daily Paper #286-#293

I have 72 more of these to do (and 72 days to my birthday).

Next post I'll show you what I'm starting on for the new year.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I just love how you've put together both of these projects....thank you for providing an inspirational year.

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment! Your leaf quilt is stunning!! How will you attach them to the quilted background?

  3. The Leaf quilt will be lovely!
    Did you have a direction in mind when you did the line dance? Or did that squiggle develop as you went along.?

  4. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very BIG accomplishment, comgrats on sticking with it, and not getting too distracted. The leaves all look beautiful together.

  6. I am amazed by your weekly leaf project. I love it.

  7. Just beautiful and inspired - a terrific commitment fulfilled.
    Have always wanted to do a weekly art project, and now you have set the bar!

    1. Bethany, I love doing theses projects and think you would also. Find something you love to do, keep it small and manageable, keep all your supplies for it together and just jump in and start.

  8. Both your leaf collection and your daily stitching make stunning collections. They are both beautiful and fascinating.

  9. Hi, Linda. I managed to stop by at just the right time--the Weekly Leaf is a knock-out. Takes my breath away. Your combination of serendipity and structure work together in such a wonderful way. This piece is so subtle yet so vibrant. Wonderful way to end the year. Looking forward to seeing next year's project!
    best, nadia

  10. I love the weekly leaf project - what a great idea!

  11. I am soooooooo smitten with your work, Linda, on my first (but definitely not my last) visit to your blog. WOW! I also love working in series, and have declared it one of the primary paths to finding one's artistic voice. You have found yours! Bravo!

    1. Thank you Robin, it has taken me years to find my voice :)

  12. Your leaf blocks look wonderful-great texture and colour! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for 2015.