Monday, December 1, 2014

Painted Wonder Under

Thanksgiving is the only holiday that all my kids and grand kids descend on us. This year we had ten extra in the house for a few days, we had a lot of fun, did a 5k Turkey trot, cooked and ate way to much and created "art". One of the favorite activities is to go out to Grandmas studio and play with fabric and paint. I still haven't gotten out to the studio to clean up the resulting mess, maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

The Weekly Leaf

This weeks leaf was done with painted Wonder Under. I had a sponge full of paint leftover last week when I printed the oak leaf so I applied it to a scrap of Wonder Under fusible.

I drew a simple leaf shape and traced the stem onto my fabric.

Then cut the leaf shapes freehand from the painted fusible web.

Placed the cut leaves painted side down on the fabric, along the stem line that I had earlier traced.
Once they were all in place I ironed them, let them cool a bit and then peeled off the paper backing from the fusible.

Week #48

One cautionary note, do not use an iron directly on the finished surface.

Daily Stitching updates

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