Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The annual SAQA auction started on Monday, runs for three weeks with new artwork each week. Check out the great selection of 12 x 12 works, my leaf piece is in the second weeks offering.

The blog hop for the new issue of Quilting Arts Holiday magazine is still going on, daily posts and giveaways.

Friday, September 12, Vivika Hansen DeNegre,

Saturday, September 13, Lyric Kinard,
Sunday, September 14, Claude Larson,

Monday, September 15, Linda McLaughlin, and Kathy Kerstetter,

Tuesday, September 16, Lori Miller,

Wednesday, September 17, Melanie Testa,, and Liz Kettle,

Thursday, September 18, Susan Brubaker Knapp,

Friday, September 19, Lisa Chin,

Saturday, September 20, Sarah Ann Smith,

Sunday, September 21, Catherine Redford,

Speaking of giveaways, you have until Sunday to comment on my post to win a copy of the magazine, the thermo fax screen that was used and a set of four napkins printed with the screen.

Last Friday we had another play day here in Studio B, this time we made stamps. I totally forgot to take pictures but luckily Lisa remembered and took quite a few. I hadn't pulled out my stamping samples in a long time and had forgotten about some of the cool prints I had. You can see some of them on Lisa's blog.

The Weekly Leaf
This weeks leaf is from an unwanted tree that started to grow in my garden. I used my Gelli plate and Jaquard textile paint to print it. As you can see in the picture below my gelli plate has turned green, guess I haven't been very diligent cleaning it.

The print.

Week #37

Daily stitching updates

Line Dance #252-#260

The Daily Paper #180-#188

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  1. well, if you are going to keep printing leaves, no worries on the green geli plate! Love all the stitching as usual.

  2. Your stitching has such a way of complimenting the materials you put it on.

  3. Love, love, love the interloper-leaf print. And then you stitched it perfectly. You hand stitching continues to inspire me to get out the floss. Thanks!

  4. You are so artistic and inspiring! Thank you for sharing all of your work. I love your leaves and this one especially.

  5. The detail you got on that leaf print is exquisite. I am in awe of your stitching.