Monday, September 29, 2014

Carving a Leaf Stamp

After hosting the stamp making play day a few weeks ago I realized that I have lots of unused materials and that I haven't made any new stamps in a long time. I have several 4"x6" pieces of rubber, the perfect size for a leaf on my 6" weekly square. Last year I printed a sweet potato vine leaf in a sketchbook and it was the perfect size.

I traced it onto a piece of 4 x6 paper.

Turn the paper face down onto the block of stamp making rubber and firmly rub the back of the paper to transfer the drawing.

Then carve into the traced lines with a small v-shaped lino carving tool.

Then using a larger u-shaped point, carve around the outer edge of the leaf image.

Then use a sharp craft knife to cut away the outer pieces.

I usually print a test print at this point, using a black ink stamp pad and print it on paper so that I can see if the design needs any touch up. I didn't with this one because it had been so long since I used the stamp pad it had dried up. You may also leave the extra around the design, just carve it down so that it's lower than the leaf. This will give more of the look of a wood block print.

I used green textile paint that I applied to the stamp with a sponge.

Then added lots of stitching!

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  1. The sweet potato vine has such prettily shaped leaves, yet I never thought of using them for stamping. Your results, of course, are fantastic.

  2. That's a good leaf. It looks like its dancing.